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    Interesting read and something I’ve been battling with a little in the last month or so.

    I’m a software engineering student and just had my internship rescinded with everything going on. I tried to look on the bright side of it that I’d have time to really dig into a project that I wanted to complete but I can’t fight the belief that I should be using the time to learn something else.

    Nobody is expecting me to accomplish another task - ie. a bug that the author mentions - but there is another aspect where I feel I should be taking this opportunity to make myself more competitive when I enter the job market in a year rather than the project.

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      This may be a strange question and I apologize in advance if it is, but what are the benefits of this versus say Nord or Express?

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        It depends a lot in what you need a VPN for. Personally I would never trust any VPN provider such as NordVPN who tries to get customers with fearmongering.

        If you are planning to hide your traffic from your ISP, setting up your own server works, but you are simply shifting the trust to whatever VPS provider you use and in what country/jurisdiction it belongs too, etc.

        Also note that the argument “A VPN protects you from man in the middle attacks.” is bullshit if you access a website such as lobsters of http, you would only be end to end encrypted to your VPN endpoint the rest is unecryped. “

        I personally only use wireguard for server to server tunnels, to access services at home, to use it for privacy it would have to do more research and take further steps (what dns do I use and how? etc.)

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          I just use wireguard to vpn into my home network, so third party VPNs aren’t an option for me.

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            You can self-host with WireGuard meaning you don’t need to trust 3rd party VPN providers since they may collect logs and/or sell your information. For a regular user, Nord or Express is good enough, but running a VPN tunnel that you have full control over and you understand what you’re doing will always offer the best privacy protection.