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    Massive amount of work for something like this to happen. Thank you.

    Super exciting to have the Racket CS base right now. The corollary to being substantially easier to to maintain, is the possibility of growing a much wider base of contributors, including compiler and low level hackers. Really sets the base for years of growth in the implementation.

    Down the road, an alternative IO library giving Racket from top to bottom full native thread concurrency or more like a M:N Green to Native thread mapping would interesting (along the lines of Haskell GHC’s approach).

    If you are a compiler guy (and I am not) but I’m of the general belief that the Chez compiler is still cutting edge and doing some exciting stuff on the compiler front that is still on going. e.g. Its nano pass design.

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      this full-throttle tinfoily panic mode of some people right now. “move to hosted gitlab!!1 that will show ‘em!!11”. i’m not anti-gitlab, but hosted gitlab has the same set of problems like github. like, for example, being bought by $EVILCOMPANY

      if microsoft now decides there will be no more free repos, it’s ok! they can do with their property however they please (just like before that acquisition github could’ve done). don’t bitch about the free lunch not tasting right. that is the deal if you use resources of others for free.

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        I think for most people, if gitlab took a similar turn, a self-hosted (or pay someone else to host it) OSS version of GitLab would be fine.

        People use because it’s hands-off, not because it’s the commercial version for free.

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          It’s not “that will show em” at all. No idea where that is being quoted from.
          I can say my statement was, IF the MS acquisition bothered you, and there is enough historical precedent that it may reasonably do so for reasonable people, then note that Gitlab does currently have 1-click repository migration from GitHub. In addition that is is also a possibility that Github may unilaterally sever that capability IF the migration becomes a flood. Ergo if you are going to do it, then do so now and don’t wait.

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            it was a purposely overstated made-up-quote (easily spotted by the liberal use of “!!111”).

            microsoft is an actor on the market and as a result does things to maximize profits. one only has to take that in account when choosing to use their services. i’m not overly happy with it either, but gitlab is an actor too and plays by the same rules, including the possibility of being acquired. just self host, it’s not even hard, scaleway has prepared images for that for example.

            regarding the importing functionality: if they break the mechanisms to do that, i guess many other things won’t work as well, like bots acting on issues, etc. i don’t think they will break the whole ecosystem, as effectively that’s what they’ve paid for. maybe they’ll do that in the extended future, like twitter breaking their api for clients.

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            Imagine what would happen when MSFT after buying GH also gets travisCi , which i believe they will do :)

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              It should also be quite a bit cheaper, afaik they never took VC money.

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            Having got one business prediction right, I will stick my neck out and make another one (plus the obvious one that the world will not end because of this purchase).

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              Since we are doing wild predictions … Here is one, I’ll stick a neck out on … You’re probably young, early in your career, say <5 experience in the industry. Certainly not in the industry since the 90’s early 2000s. It’s fine, there is nothing I can say on this topic that will change anything whatsoever. But save this thread. Queue it up for the day after your 30 B-day or say in 7 years. You’ll be amused between what the you of today believe and what the you of tomorrow will have learned in this industry and specifically about this purchase.

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                Checking that one is too easy after he linked to a blog with posts dating back 10 years. And checking out posts from 2008… There it says having not taught programming for 25 years.

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                  IIRC @derek-jones was on the C99 standardization committee.

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                    The beauty of predictions is there capability of being wrong. I was wrong, surprised to be so, but wrong.
                    However, another prediction is still undecided, the impact of MS buying Github and how they will manipulate their influence over it compared to the counterfactual. I’m seriously not a tin foil hat kinda guy, but MS is just never a good thing when then step into any area whether the Internet, Browers, Software Development, OS’s, you name it. It is always a net-net-negative (not from a business standpoint of course) but from an overall “good” in that respective area. Far more harm than good will result.

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                      I still don’t get your reply to Derek. He never claimed that MS purchases are good for the community. In fact, he is predicting an EDG buyout solely because he thinks it will allow for vendor lock-in.

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                        I believe Derek triggered him with the line

                        (plus the obvious one that the world will not end because of this purchase)

                        Where he propably refers to his experience from earlier (pre-git, pre-internet) times and how there will be other ways for open source and development (back to Mailing lists, Gitlab, …).

                        But Grey, when hearing about GitHub not being changed too much (as Derek also stated in his posting, “sluggish Integration”, but also “more data friendly”), remembered history on Microsoft (they were anti-open-source and are working a lot on changing their image). GitHub being an “open-source community” therefore is in danger getting swallowed by this “anti-open-source business”.

                        And I can understand getting emotional about such things. And emotion kills rationality. Which propably led to this misunderstanding.

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                Here is another prediction … Currently Gitlab can seemlessly “import” your project for Github by a simple OAuth authorization. If the already reported volume of projects being imported continues unabated Github will sever this capability overnight. If you are comfortable with the MS acquisition then fine, if not, I would import off of Github now while it is still a painless click operation.

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                  Eh. No. This is factored in and taking such a step would just kill their public image. And Microsoft is very careful (and good at that) about their image in the OSS communities now.


                  If you look closely at the numbers, they only surge because they were low to begin with. Also, those seem to be mostly small repos with roughly ~2 issues per repos. It’s probably single-maintainer repos.

                  Those aren’t terribly interesting for GitHub anyways (they give no visibility) and also very easy to migrate, as you don’t need to migrate a team along with it.

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                  Observed MS since the the early days. And depending on how long you have been around is probably how well you really know them. This is not a company that you want to be working around or dependent on. And no they have not changed.

                  Moving all 108 of my repos to Gitlab now. If you are smart you will as well. Do not be fooled by these people. The purchase of Github is solely to make you a pawn, a play thing, in their 10-Q “Cloud Revenue” report to Wall Street. They will screw you over in a heartbeat and will do so without fail or regret. Not a whit. Oh, they are much more careful now and will do things slowly, but their goal is clear, to solely manipulate and corral you over time. MS does evil. It has been so, is today and always shall be their very DNA.

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                    Moving all 108 of my repos to Gitlab now. If you are smart you will as well.

                    Or if you are really smart you won’t move to another free hosted service that can be bought out by someone you think will screw it over.

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                      Hopefully he meant to say “self-hosted Gitlab”.

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                    Sort of tossed up my hands with Bluez and then again with its DBus bindings. Been working on a native HCI layer sufficient for full Bluetooth LE support in Typed Racket. Commands, Connect and Event Status/Complete is working, currently in cleanup mode and fleshing out more of the obscure LE commands and events. Then on to ACL (async data) messaging, ATT and GATT layers. On the cusp of flipping light bulbs on and off via my Raspberry Pi 3.