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    Clicking on this links creates a redirect so that my browser’s back button fails to work. Let’s hope this page isn’t built with that framework.

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      Apologies: we accidentally linked to https: even though we’re waiting for our SSL cert to be delivered this morning, so that link is broken. Please visit it at http://xingframework.com instead

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        The link & site were working fine. On load of http://xingframework.com you’re doing some kind of javascript redirect (or history manipulation, not sure and too tired to track down) that redirects to http://xingframework.com/home. Clicking ‘back’ just triggers that redirect again, keeping me on your site.

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          Thanks for the clarification - we’ll take a look. It is at heart an Angular.js SPA so URL rewrites are to be expected, but there are certainly tools for keeping back button behavior intuitive. If anything it’s just lazy coding on the homepage state and not anything inherent to the framework.

          I’ve filed a ticket on the landing page project repo.

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            An annoying amount of websites have this problem. Holding down the back button in most browsers lets you select an arbitrary page in recent history to go back to.

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        I just want to say: I’ve been using this on production builds of early stage startups for a year now. My active project uses it every day.

        It’s young, so there are rough edges, but on the whole it’s a dream to work with compared to all the ad-hoc API+SPA solutions I’ve experienced.