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    I love it. It’s like Terminus with significantly better curly braces.

    Also, you have slashed zeroes, which is what all correct-thinking people prefer.

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      Also, you have slashed zeroes, which is what all correct-thinking people prefer.

      I use a copy of Droid Sans Mono that I edited to have slashed-zeros. I love the font, but without slashed zeros (or even dot-zeros) it’s useless for coding.

      Terminus doesn’t render properly on Windows, which is a shame, As Spleen is a bitmap font, I’m guessing I need .fon versions for Windows ?

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        For those that can’t (or don’t want to) edit fonts cosmix.org have a Droid Sans Mono with both dotted and slashed zero varieties.

        Arch users can get it from the AUR

        Powerline version too

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          Yes, I think .fon is the required format for bitmap fonts on Windows. I’ve generated some .fon files for all sizes here, but I don’t have access to any Windows machine, so I cannot test them. It would be nice if you could try and report results, thanks!


            Ok I’ve had a go. They don’t render in Windows at all. :( Windows just shows ‘Courier New’ when I preview the files. Looking via HEX viewer, it seems that your .fon files are missing extra (repeated) meta-data that Windows seem to need. Thanks tho!

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        For Work:

        • Designing and testing Identity Management Reporting Functionality using Microsoft Identity Manager and System Center Service Manager Data Warehousing (phew!).
        • Writing a Web Portal so users can update their own details in the Active Directory

        For Personal:

        • Building a Raspberry Pi Infrared Red relay box so I can control my PS4 with a normal IR remote (Netflix via a PS4 controller sucks). Also plan to add commands to control Hue lights etc.
        • Fixing my sunset-to-midnight Huescript for my outside Hue lights as it’s stopped working.
        • Doing some more coding on my personal website backend - http://www.Jaruzel.com
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          You might want to resize those images - you are using full size 4048x3036 images as thumbnails (which aren’t clickable anyway).

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            • Moving all my boxes of technical ‘bits’ from my Garage into my nice shiny new Shed/Workshop
            • Checking that the 1GB powerline connectors work across the new wiring from my house to my Shed/Workshop
            • …and if so, installing a spare NAS in there as an ‘off site’ backup platform, plus a WiFi AP so I can have a laptop in there as well.
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              Although nice to watch, I would argue that that it’s only the display part that’s at 300 baud, not the actual surfing. He’s logging into a remote Debian shell, and surfing from there.

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                You are right to point out this detail. To fully clarify:

                • The VT-100, being a terminal, is remotely controlling a Linux machine using the acoustic coupler at 300 bauds;
                • The remote machine does surf using a much faster and modern connection.
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                Hopefully they only hide www. when it is exactly at the start of the domain name, leaving duplicates and domains in the middle (like notriddle.www.github.io and www.www.lobste.rs) alone.

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                  How about just leaving the whole thing alone? URI/URLs are external identifiers. You don’t change someone’s name because it’s confusing. Such an arrogant move from google.

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                    Because we’re Google. We don’t have to care know better than you.

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                      Eventually the URL bar will be so confusing and arbitrary users will just have to search google for everything.

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                        Which is of course, Google’s plan and intent, all along. Wouldn’t surprise me if they are aiming to remove URLs from the omni bar completely at some point.

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                      It’s the same with Safari on Mac - not only do they hide the subdomain but everything else from the URL root onwards too. Dreadful, and the single worst (/only really bad) thing about Safari’s UI.

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                        You don’t change someone’s name because it’s confusing

                        That’s why they’re going to try to make it a standard.
                        They will probably also want to limit the ports that you can use with the www subdomain, or at least propose that some be hidden, like 8080

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                          Perhaps everyone should now move to w3.* or web.* names just to push back! Serious suggestion.

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                          Indeed, but I still think it is completely unnecessary and I don’t get how this “simplifies” anything