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    I was just thinking I needed something like this last night, and now here it is. I’m planning on building a semi-automated news site for my town because we have no newspaper of our own, so coverage of us ends up in a patchwork of publications in adjacent towns and in the “suburbs” section of the nearby big-city papers. As part of that I want to provide “one big calendar” that aggregates events from the village, the local school districts, the park district, etc - this looks like just the thing.

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      That’s is very close to why I created Linkal. My usecase is an aggregated calendar for all the associations of my school campus !

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      This looks cool, and seems like it might solve a problem that’s been annoying me recently.

      For family activities (think sports teams and the like) the software that the organizations who schedule them use often lets you subscribe to calendars on mobile devices using webcal:// links. But that software is uniformly difficult to use, especially on mobile devices, where subscribing to those calendars would be most useful. Being able to expose a calendar interface I could share with relatives who might want to go to the events would save me some pain.

      I downloaded this and kicked the tires, and I couldn’t tell: is that what Linkal does? It successfully parsed a JSON configuration containing one of the webcal:// URLs, but I was unable to access any events using either the MacOS calendar or just poking around with cadaver.

      Obviously, I’m happy to take detailed discussion to a more focused spot, but thought I’d open with this here since clarifying what it does (or does not do) likely helps other readers also.

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        Hi, I think it does what you think it does, so in the configuration file you input urls to public caldav calendars, then you launch the server, and then in a caldav client you can connect to this server and it will show the calendars in your client. Can you either open an issue with your config file or if you want to keep it private send it to me via email ( ? I’ll tell you if it works on my side and if not, try to track the bug, it yes explain to you how you should configure your caldav client. We can then work out what I should add to the readme to make it more clear how to use linkal !

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          I’ve got at least one that I don’t mind having public. I opened an issue. I’d be happy to pitch in to add support if I’m asking for something that’s just not done yet… this is something that was an active headache for me 3 weeks ago and will again be an active headache in 10 more weeks :)