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    I remember reading a few years ago that Dwarf Fortress doesn’t use version control. The software historian in me cried out in anguish. Anyone know if that’s true / still true today?

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      Judging how he mentioned in the article that he keeps his ~90 side projects in a folder he transfers from computer to computer, it sounds likely.

      I wonder if he keeps old “forks” of the code

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      The bottom banner ad and un-dismissible newsletter signup banner makes this article a difficult read on mobile

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        I highly recommend using mobile Firefox with the Ublock Origin browser extension (it’s an ad blocker). These are ads, and I did not encounter the problem.

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          It put me off the whole thing.

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          Still fighting fires post-launch of the new site. Despite closing 4+ tickets a day our queue has stayed a pretty constant number, and I suspect the only reason high-or-medium priority tickets are beginning to dry up is that the low priority tickets haven’t been re-prioritized yet. Many things in the world of comic book e-commerce to be done before the holiday season.


          Attempting to sleep when the baby sleeps, try to help my wife keep the overall level of disorder in the apartment down, and browsing twitter at 2:00 am.