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    As far as “tooting my own horn” goes, I wrote a readable emulator for the MOS 6502 in Common Lisp. My original goals included writing a full NES emulator on top of it, then tools for the reverse engineering, observation, and runtime modification of Nintendo ROMs. Probably including a compiler for a lisp-like language targeting the emulator.

    I got a new job I find much more challenging though, so this isn’t likely to happen ‘til I retire. :P For a decent NES emulator, sprocketnes is actually quite clear even without knowing Rust.

    Interesting projects I’ve been meaning to read include the following:

    • goya, a browser-based Pixel Art editor in 1000 lines of Clojurescript/Om
    • snabbswitch, a readable userspace networking stack in LuaJIT
    • xv6, a modern reimplementation of Sixth Edition Unix in ANSI C used in courses at MIT
    • jonesforth, duh, of course, I’m sure you’re aware, etc.