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    I’m going to over-simplify the state of recruitment to make a point.

    Recruiting Agencies are staffed with and driven by sales people.

    Sales people cannot adequately process the CVs of skilled software developers.

    To get past the primitive filters of these sales people it is therefore necessary to match your CV to a job spec, and in particular to match the keywords contained in your CV to the keywords contained in the job spec.

    To the naive salesperson a headline of .NET DEVELOPER is a better match than DEVELOPER WITH MANY SKILLS (including .NET).

    It’s bullshit, but if you don’t play by the rules of this game you put yourself at a disadvantage.

    Source: I wrote a book about programming interviews, published by Wiley 2013.

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      Source: I wrote a book about programming interviews, published by Wiley 2013.

      Sure, but is it a book about .NET programming interviews, specifically?

      And 2013, so less than 2 years experience, well, thanks for your time and we’ll keep your resumé on file …

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      I’ve found that if a higher-up makes a decision that is not based on data or sound reasoning then it is unlikely that data and reasoning will convince her to change her mind. Sadly, sound bites and populist rhetoric (that is, politics and propaganda) can be more effective in the right circumstance.

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        Nice work!

        It’s strange to me that in recent years knowledge of SQL has become optional for many programmers.

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          ORMs in general have gotten “good enough” to abstract away SQL for most simple uses (CRUD webapps and the like). Having used raw SQL queries and stored procs, triggers, etc. for a long time I don’t consider this a bad thing at all.

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          This week is off to a good start - at least compared to last week - I managed to record another video for my “Stupid Programming Interview Questions” series. This time last week I was suffering with a head cold and couldn’t speak without coughing/spluttering.

          The video is here: http://youtu.be/_eGxKnXepTI

          I’m going to do a few of these “stupid question” videos and then move on to more serious/helpful programming interview topics.

          …I think this is my first post on lobste.rs? About me: Freelance developer, founder of Social Coder (volunteering for programmers) and author of Ace the Programming Interview. Active on Twitter as @kiwicoder.