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    I’m using zola, and I think it’s brilliant!

    Ticks the boxes for all your desires. It’s fast, contained in a single binary, has a live updating local server, documentation is good and allows extra custom configuration properties for custom things in themes.

    My personal website is built using Zola, here’s it’s source.

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      I think this is the one! Thanks!

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        I’ve been testing zola right now, in particular the sam theme, against a lot of website analyzers (accessibility, performance, w3c validators, ecological impact,..) and it’s pretty good, I think I’m gonna start using it, it looks simple and mature while providing all the features I wish (code formatting, RSS, …).

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          Exactly! And it’s easy to modify, and somewhat extensible for additional features you might want.

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          I use Zola as well. I think one of the biggest downsides is how few themes there are. In principle it’s not much work to modify an existing theme, but it’s still one more thing you need to do when setting up your blog.

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            You’re right. I wanted to build a custom theme anyway to personalize things, so that wasn’t much of a problem for me.