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    It reminds me of (which is also open source)

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      On the page itself: “Flipper was inspired by pwnagotchi project”

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      Drew DeVault gave a stab at getting a good POWER9 machine

      I was tempted until I heard about his experience. YMMV Mr. DeVault is a very earnest and knowledgeable guy.

      Other companies may give you a better experience, and RaptorCS may have changed their tune.

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        He did write a more positive post about them soon after though,

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          I have a Raptor machine myself (Talos II, though it’s far from being a supercomputer, only 8 cores and 96GB RAM). It works great and there are no issues. The experience that Drew described was certainly a one-time problem and he was just unlucky.

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          Impressive benchmark, thank you. I want to use Neanderthal at work, just didn’t have the opportunity yet.

          On a slightly unrelated note, I would be interested in implementing something like FAISS ( in Clojure, Neanderthal should definitely be appropriate for all the similarity calculations, correct?

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            I don’t know. I don’t know enough of the method they use, to be able to say yes or no.