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    I have worked in go for 6 years and it’s been catalytic to my career. I am the go expert at my current job. It’s a fine tool for what you need it to do; but the real problem is that too many people treat it literally like Java. There’s pointless abstractions in codebases I’ve seen. There’s patterns from other languages wholesale pulled in just because it felt nice. Kubernetes is a perfect example of Gova.

    Honestly after using Go for so long I’m learning Zig for low level and operating systems programming. Zig requires you to manage your own memory, but at this point I’m really okay with that.

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      Gova… a good word for the code base I’m working on now :(

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        The BourneShell was written in C using macros to make it look like some variant of ALGOL. I’ve never forgiven that guy after having a job debugging it.

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          So true. At my current job I’ve seen “XYZBuilderFactory” stuff in Go and all kinds over over-complex constructs. I love the simplicity that Go offers and despise useless complexity more and more by each day. Software needs to be as simple as possible to be maintainable and extensible. Juding the author of this article by his text he must be my anti-hero.

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          Nice. I once made something similar: a static blog generator which uses Github Issues to write blog posts and Github Pages to publish them. You can see an example and introduction here. The tool and the manual are on Github.

          Didn’t want to hijack. Just thought maybe you are interested since your project looks similar.