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    Agreed, though it definitely takes a bit of fiddling to set up to work well. It’s a bit of a project laptop. I’ve been meaning to write up my own experiences with it, but now that I have it working well I’m less motivated to do so, so I’ll summarize them here:

    • The keyboard and robustness in general are way better than a $200 laptop deserves.
    • The best windowing solution I’ve found for it so far is by far sway, faster and more responsive than even lightweight X11 WM’s like awesome.
    • You can play Dosbox and emulated games up to the Playstation era just fine.
    • Doesn’t handle it very gracefully if the battery runs out all the way – but then, no laptop really does.
    • Mine has some audio issues but they might be hardware based, need to open it up and poke around.
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      Sway brings up something I think is interesting. It’s made sense in the past if you wanted to do something lightweight under X to avoid variable-width fonts. After all, this is why i3, Sway’s inspiration, did just that. But with the likes of Sway, which is already using the likes of Freetype to render its fonts, using fixed-width fonts as a rather odd affectation.

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        I didn’t know that, actually. As far as I care using Freetype or such is just fine, and don’t know why you’d want to avoid it – I rather like being able to see Unicode text without doing anything special. You can change the font that Sway uses quite easily, it’s a one-liner in the config file. Truetype fonts might have some cost in complexity and so on, but I’d rather have that than a X server clumsily trying to do its own font stuff.

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          I think it’s just because Sway doesn’t want to stray too far away from i3 so that people with existing i3 configurations can get something very similar working with Sway without too much hassle. If you switch out the default Sway top bar for something like waybar, you’re already using your system default user interface font instead of Sway’s default monospace. If you hide the Sway window titles, Sway will hardly ever render any text in the first place.

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          I’ve been happy with my kwin-tiling setup. I haven’t tried sway on it yet. It was definitely a bit of a project, but I got mine when it was still shipping with that funny debian install… now that it ships with manjaro plasma by default, it might be less of a project.

          I’m seeing “all day” life out of the battery, and chromium is fine. It doesn’t behave if you run the battery to empty, but like you said, nothing really does.

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            Yeah my battery experiences haven’t quite been all day, but it hits 5-6 hours pretty easily unless I’m watching videos or compiling code the whole time. I definitely expect it could be stretched out for longer if one tried. I should probably figure out how to turn the brightness down and see if I can hit the 12+ hours other people report, but so far I really haven’t needed to. I currently don’t even have a battery monitor widget in my config.

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            How many Linux laptops don’t take at least a little bit of fiddling though? Would be keen to see your blog post on your experiences.