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    Nice article

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          Idk about others but it helped me. Nice one..

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            Can you please help me to know when i can start posting threads again? i am new to this so still trying to figure things out

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              Why its spam? i just shared some information, just because you know it does it mean everyone in the world knows it?

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                Links to commercial sites from users with no other engagement in the community are generally considered spam here.

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                  Ok..Thanks for the information :)

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                    Posting “Nice” and “I liked that” is not meaningful engagement in the community. Please stop.

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                      The content on your site is not reflective of what lobste.rs is about.

                      Also, brands are not welcome on lobste.rs. If you want to use your website name as your username, that’s fine, but we expect you to meaningfully engage and speak as an individual, not as an entity trying to drive traffic to some other resource.

                      And, as pushcx said, throwaway garbage replies like “nice” does not constitute engagement.

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                  Nice Artical..