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    I’ve started documenting and cleaning up my C web framework, 38-Moths.

    It’s been good to walk through the codebase essentially top-to-bottom looking for weird behavior, comments, bugs, etc. and documenting it as I go.

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      At work, I’m testing and adding polish to our Ubuntu OpenStack Installer.

      At home I have been working on my hacky script to import photos into git-annex and make use of their EXIF GPS metadata to add annex metadata: git-annex-photo-import (github). My idea is to use git-annex views to manage all my photos and the S3 & flickr remotes for backup.

      Right now the biggest problem is that views are very slow here’s a short thread on the git-annex forum explaining it, Joey’s plan is apparently to use a sqlite cache DB to index the metadata, but I’m not sure what the status of that is.

      BTW, if you have a much better photo management workflow, can you take this public gdocs survey and share what it is? Organizing and archiving photos is such a mess, and I really want to know if anyone’s got it figured out cleanly.

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        You guys are using github now? When I worked at Canonical everything was entirely in bzr and Launchpad. Is this just for a couple specific projects or are you guys kind of shifting in that direction?

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          This is just for a few projects. There is no overall shift I’m aware of. Launchpad does a lot of things that github doesn’t and probably won’t (and for good reason, not every project is a distro).

          Our cloud-installer project also uses launchpad for PPA building, and bug tracker.

          Launchpad is in fact still under development - just recently they rolled out a beta of inline comments on merge proposals, which (aside from cleaner design) was one of the few major things I liked better about github vs. LP.

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            Yeah, Launchpad does a ton of stuff. Github’s issues are very primitive, and Launchpad has features for translations and stuff that I can’t imagine Github having much use for. But I do kind of wish they would add support for git to Launchpad, so I kind of wondered if they might be moving a little more towards git.

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          I’ll be keeping an eye on your git-annex import project, I’ve been searching for something similar to help manage my photos/images.

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            Just so you know, I don’t have a lot of future plans for that specific project, except just to ensure that it’s smooth to add new pictures as I take them. It worked fairly well for me, and now I’ve imported all my backlog of photos.

            It could probably use some attention to be useful for others - e.g. it includes some U.S. specific heuristics in the location stuff (ie, looks for ‘Country’, ‘County’, and ‘State’). I’d be happy to help with fixes and would welcome forks.

            The things I’d most like to improve about this setup is the issue with view performance scaling, and adding support for thumbnails - ideally I’d love to see git-annex core support a ‘content summary’ that lets you preview files that aren’t currently in an annex, for images, that’d be a thumbnail.

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          I’m studying Mandarin.

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            This is actually really cool. I’d love to see a proof of concept, maybe forking and changing libketama to see how it works with memcached?

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              Guava has a Java implementation of the algorithm, that’s how I found the paper. Someone on the Guava mailing list asked about the code and if there was any background on the algorithm.

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              Been writing a lot of documentation for OlegDB. We just wrapped up cursor iteration via the frontend so now I’m taking care of some of the less fun tasks.

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                For anyone just skimming the top:

                • Written in Go
                • Uses Raft for consensus
                • Data is stored in RocksDB
                • They mention Spanner
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                  I find snap much more useful in the context of an API endpoint. Yesod feels more fleshed out for building end-to-end applications.

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                    To reinforce this, if you’re going to be processing form-encoded POST bodies from human input as opposed to exposing a JSON/XML API then Yesod is going to be more compelling. Yesod Forms are pretty nice for human-facing form processing and draws a good line between what’s applicative vs. monadic. Other solutions are hard to understand, not typesafe, or not powerful enough.

                    You don’t need Yesod if it’s just an API though. Just be aware of your needs.

                    Myself? I’d probably use a stripped down Yesod app regardless just in case I needed to expose an admin dashboard. Others might prefer a minimal WAI, “Simple”1, or Snap app.

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                    Architecting the shit out of my new behavioural anomaly detection product.

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                      Can you add sectors? I’d really love to be able to say “ANOMALY IN SECTOR 14”

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                        Thanks for your feature request! Your ticket number is BAD-7. :)

                        (no, really)

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                      Working on cursor iteration using splay trees in OlegDB