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    This is dumb hacker news bullshit. Why is this on lobsters?

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      That’s still such a bizarre insult. Hacker News doesn’t have “culture” articles… I understand the antipathy towards it, but not for that reason.

      But to actually answer your question, it’s here because some people are interested in it. Feel free to click “Filters” and mute the “Culture” tag for yourself, if that doesn’t include you.

      If the ability to filter it doesn’t meet your needs, the only explanation I can think of is that you don’t want anyone to talk about … whatever it is you define “this” as … and simply knowing that it’s going on, bothers you, even if you never have to see it. I don’t understand that attitude, so I can’t give you advice on it.

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        I personally like this stuff. I don’t want to be ageist, sexist, or anything else of that sort, and I try not to be. But I subtly am, just like everyone is, and the only way I can fix that is by addressing it over and over, challenging myself, reminding myself, and holding myself accountable. Getting insight into the minds of my peers is easy, the rest of everyone isn’t so easy.

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          There is no shortage of tech sites that cover these subjects. I believe OP was opining on Lobste.rs being different from HN, because otherwise there’s less reason for this site to exist. I tend to agree, although I might phrase it a bit more cordially.

          The world needs a good tech-oriented site that has relatively tight focus, assuming you’re not happy with just Slashdot, which quite frankly I’m not. Lobste.rs is great, but I don’t come here to read human interest (or more often, clickbait) stories like this – I come here because I can find decent content without having to sort or block so much.

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            Yeah; I’m inclined to give the OP the benefit of the doubt, now that I’ve noticed it was their second-ever comment here. A culture of respect takes getting used to when you’re new to it.

            I do agree with wanting a narrow focus on tech. :) I mean, the post is about age and technology, essentially. It doesn’t get into details about any particular technology, but it’s coming from someone who’s been in the industry a lot longer than I have and who I do believe has relevant things to say. A narrow focus is appropriate but I would triage this particular piece on the “yes, keep this” side of the line. When we should start to worry is when we have as many things under culture as we have under all the other tags, you know?

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        VPNs are not a magic bullet. Anonymity, privacy, and lack of logs are NOT guaranteeable things. If you actually want these, use Tor or I2P.

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          I could use my “private” (on a VPS) VPN..