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    An idea for a followup to this article: measuring battery drain precisely, and testing the impact of powertop or different desktop environments.

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      Nice idea :) Thanks

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      If you can handle learning Vim then very little else about using GNU/Linux is going to be painful by comparison ;-p

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        Haha, I like to think of learning Vim like this:

        Beginner Vim: there are so many commands to memorize!

        Intermediate Vim: Everything fits together so beautifully!

        Advanced Vim: Why are -es and -Es different flags? Why are there separate select and visual modes? Why is the syntax highlighter so janky? Why does undo work normally while recording a macro but undoes the entire thing while in the middle of replaying a macro? What the heck is up with Vimscript? Why is Z only used for ZZ? What’s U even FOR?

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          Why is Z only used for ZZ?

          It’s also used for ZQ, which is equivalent to :q!

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            Yeah, Vimscript is the part of vim that the longer you spend with it, the more glaring the problems and inconsistencies become