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    Seems very interesting. Going to give it a go later on.

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      The Freedombox is a “gadget” sponsored by the FSF with the goal to “take back control of your digital life.” There is a bunch of free software included in it. The author of this post has neither used a Freedombox, nor— excepting Transmission and privoxy— have they used any of said software either. The end.

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        That is a pretty rude comment. It seemed like you only read a part of it and haven’t read all of it.

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          I like expert or at least thoroughly-researched reviews on stuff like this. I skipped over this submission last night feeling something similar to quad. Here’s a few highlights:

          “is apparently sponsored by the FSF”

          “First up is Tor… I personally haven’t used Tor much

          “Minetest seems to

          “ Radicale is a calendar and address book application. I haven’t used it before and won’t be able to use it

          “XMPP will be covered next. .. I can’t vouch for how good a chat system it is.

          “Roundcube is found next. … I haven’t used Roundcube before, but I’ve heard positivie things about it”

          I’m going to stop there. I think it already shows this is about the most useless review of something I’ve seen in a year. I mean, the author is writing up a review of tech without even trying most of them. The author is just guessing about them or assuring us some other people liked it sometimes with no further details. Most fluff pieces I see at least copy and paste more detailed info from primary sources. This author isn’t at that level yet.

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            I’m sorry for being rude; I didn’t realise. What did I say wrong?

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          I think we should also have some twitch emojis because they help when your doing sarcasm a lot more.

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            In my experience, the primary function of sarcasm on the Internet is retroactive: If someone says something which goes over badly, why, it was always sarcastic and you’re wrong for calling them on it!

            Therefore, the onus for sarcasm detection must always be on the other person.

            I’ve come up with two rules, which are obviously false because they give the game away:

            If I’m sarcastic and you fail to see it, you’re horrible at reading.

            If you’re sarcastic and I fail to see it, you’re horrible at writing.

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              No your right. it’s up to the other person to figure out if your bring sarcastic or not.

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            No. I just sit at home and do a lot of activisim and try to push people in the right direction. I haven’t really programmed yet so I can’t really help people much. And so I feel like I’m accomplishing nothing.

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              Working on the grind of focusing and writing my own code in c and assembly. I honestly don’t know how to focus on the programming and less about the meta stuff.

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                Happy Christmas to you all as well!

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                  I really like this setup. Unique and different compared to what I typically hear people running. my so far is pygopherd for gopher web server apache for normal http so that let’s encrypt is easier to setup hugo for the site

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                    Thank you very much!