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    Looks very good but too expensive in my opinion. The Vortex Race3 is also programmable with good keys and cost half of it.

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      Yes, but,

      • Low profile milled aluminum case
      • Box switches
      • RGB backlighting
      • N-key rollover
      • Hotswap switch sockets
      • PBT dyesub caps in XDA profile
      • Semi-ergo 75% layout
      • QMK firmware
      • 2 port USB 3.2 gen 2 USB-C hub
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        Note that the Vortex Race3 does seem to be a very similar keyboard, with a low profile milled aluminum case, RGB backlighting, Semi-ergo 75% layout and DSA profile caps (similar to XDA). It comes with Cherry MX switches though. I’m wondering if part of the cost increase (besides the USB hub) are those hotswap switch sockets with box switches. I’m not sure from a reliability standpoint if that’s even preferable to MX switches. I think the only big differentiating factor to most people is that USB hub. Would you pay double to price to get that though?

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          It’s all about the price to essential features ratio. A Ford Fiesta drives very well and a Volkswagen Polo is much more expensive and … ehm … drives, too.