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    I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere, so for those who enjoyed the “deep thoughts,” they’re by Jack Handey.

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      Thanks for the info! I did not remember where these were from :-)
      I found the quotes in a txt file on an old disk while cleaning my backups.

      I’ve updated the add-on now.
      Deep Thought Tabs v1.1 now has a quote attribution as well (among other updates).

      7431907 Update AddOn version to 1.1
      6ac746e Modify layout
      29d80dd Trim unnecessary html
      d67ca19 Update quote attribution
      13a1768 Add quote attribution with link
      d9bad4b Tweak font sizes
      a8c5b5f Fix CORS issues with proper permission
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        Jack Handey is a comic genius. He wrote many of the weirder SNL skits of the 90s like Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer, and Deep Thoughts was an early feature in Army Man Magazine (“America’s Only Magazine”):

        Although Army Man was never widely distributed, it gathered a lot of attention in the comedy world. Two of its writers (John Swartzwelder and Jon Vitti) were picked up alongside Meyer to be part of the original writing staff of The Simpsons by the show’s developer and show-runner Sam Simon, an enormous fan of the magazine. Eventually other Army Man writers would go on to write for The Simpsons in later seasons, namely Jeff Martin, David Sacks, Ian Maxtone-Graham, Tom Gammill, Max Pross, Kevin Curran and Billy Kimball.

        All of Army Man is available at armymans.tumblr.com.

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          Thanks for the link. The Army Man Magazine is fantastic!

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      Article is from 2010.

      Note that MISRA is updated with new standards. The version I have is for C99 for example. I’m sure there will or is already one for C11.

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        You are right.
        A few of the guidelines with major criticism appear to be deleted from the subsequent MISRA-2004 guidelines.
        Subsequently MISRA-2012 is extended to cover C99 as well.

        There doesn’t appear to be one for C11 yet

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        A python script to log work into a self-hosted JIRA instance.

        Final step remains - Integrate it into my workflow as a post-commit git-hook that asks the user (me :-) ) how much time to log into the JIRA task (using the issue key of the JIRA task from the commit description)

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          That’s nice. You could also log TODOs and ask the user if to update existing TODOs or add new ones, or even parse TODOs from the committed code.

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          1. Terms of Use / Disclaimer
          Consider linking the Terms of Use and any Data disclaimers prominently on the landing page. As long as the data is stored only on the user’s computer/session, and your are NOT storing a copy of the data remotely, you should be fine.

          To be on the safer side, If you intend to store a copy of the users’ inputs or share it with other parties now or in the future, make that very clear in your terms of use.

          2. Download Resume is misleading
          Upon clicking the “Download Resume” button at the end, the browser’s print dialog-box pops-up. So i could not download a soft-copy in any format like doc/pdf/image/text - which is what “Download” usually refers to.

          3. Slightly Off-topic: Some feedback on the sample resumes on the landing-page.
          The summary line says: “I’m a software developer based out of India seeking for good opportunities”

          “seeking for” sounds odd. Instead consider using “seeking” OR “looking for”.

          Also while we are at it, the “good” in “good opportunities” is ambiguous.

          Be specific - What sort of opportunities are you looking for?…
          Technically Challenging? Well-paying? Remote-work?

          Impressive web-app. All the best!