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    How about Security for starters?

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      I started on a website but only recently learned about mvc and other frameworks. So I’m going to be redoing my site. But mvc is so hard…

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        Get a good Rails or Django book (or similar), type out all the examples by hand, and don’t stop moving forward each day until you’re done. You’ll understand MVC soon if you just stick with it. I find books are the best way to learn because they’re comprehensive and don’t make too many assumptions about what you already know. Keep at it!

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          You’re right. I only started learning to code less than a year ago. I can do html and css and enough php to get started. Thing is I got arrogant and thought coding was a piece of cake. Til I heard about frameworks and took a peek at lobsters code. It was humbling. Now I’m going to continue with the books. Thanks!