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    Other than regular old git commands, I like Tig.

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      I did not write this module, but I know the author and we’ve discussed this concept. His goal is to make programming more accessible and translating documentation is just one step towards this. I also know that the current implementation, using Google Translate, is more or less a proof of concept. The ideal scenario would be a help system for Python packages that supports localisation, i.e., provides ways in which people can document their modules in multiple languages, and perhaps optionally defaults to automatic translation for missing languages.

      I’d be curious to know what other people think.

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        come up with some way to combine a wiki system to let people contribute translations perhaps?

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          This is an awesome idea, and there has already been some work done in this space.

          I don’t know how translations are handled in python (and since this tool is using google translate, I’m not sure how portable this idea is), but in C (and many other languages), GNU’s gettext is the standard. One of the benefits is that there are some great tools available for accepting translations; e.g., poedit. And there are online editors available too (though I cannot vouch for them).

          Allowing a public translation effort (probably with review from someone) in a wiki style would be incredibly cool!

          @achilleas, awesome project; I ope the author keeps it up!