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    APL always struck me as beautiful (if inscruitible), but it seems to not be useful for any sort of programming that isn’t mathematical. Nobody’s going to write an editor in APL, or a compiler in APL (in my estimation).

    I’m sad because I want to learn APL, but I don’t do anything for which it would seem to be a good fit.

    Am I wrong? Is APL good for general programming tasks and I just missed it in my brief forays into the language?

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      I’ve used it for numerical analysis, web dvelopment, file format decoding, encoding. pretty much the whole gamut. check out gnu apl. I have a few intro vids to show how to edit and save etc from within the interpreter. thats how APL development is usually done

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        compiler in APL

        There’s this crazy thing that’s been making the rounds lately, a self-hosted APL GPU compiler. (The author has some comments in the HN discussion.)