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    Most of my team (MS Outlook in Redmond) is working from home at the moment.

    We’ve been joking that COVID-19 will be the most traffic that the vs online team has had in a long time, since everyone in the puget sound offices is going to be using it.

    Jokes aside, it’s a lot more seamless than what we were doing before, which was RDPing into our work machines.

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      I’ve been working on a tool to design my next tattoo. It’s been around a year since the first one, and I’ve been using it as an opportunity to explore rust web frameworks.

      I picked yew arbitrarily after hacking at virtual_dom_rs with minimal success. It’s been nice to work with but I definitely feel like I’m doing way more data copying that I ought to be. The yew examples suggest all state is owned by components, but that means I end up duplicating a lot of my state between components that feel like they out to be reading from some central store a.la. reflux/redux/satchel.

      Does anyone have suggestions for other libraries worth looking at for rust on the web? The ecosystem feels fresh, and I’d rather avoid spinning my own libraries from scratch while still learning the language.

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        1. I’ve been working on trying to familiarize myself with the nix/nixos environment by way of packaging a blog site for deployment with nix.
        2. I just got my first pull request upstreamed to NixOS/nixpkgs, so that’s exciting.
        3. I finally gave hakyll a try for static site generation (it’s so good).

        Next up is trying to set up a hydra build server on a raspberry pi, but it’s midterms season so that will have to wait.