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      I’m not really sure what this was meant to say. Do you disagree with the idea that women are highly discriminated against in our industry or society?

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        I disagree with class warfare and the displacement of reason by ideology. I support equal rights for all humans.

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          But what do you actually agree with and disagree with in this article?

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            For someone who allegedly supports “equal rights for all humans,” you’re spending an awful lot of time ignoring rational (id est, possessed of reason) humans talking about suffering they experience. Way to be a part of the problem.

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              Is feminism not reasonable?

              Feminism is the radical notion that women are people, and that we want to be treated as equals.

              Seems reasonable to me, and in-line with what you agree with/support.

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                With the caveat being women who weren’t born that way.

                We don’t count.

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                  Do you feel things have improved in this regard? (I’m assuming you are referring to the trans-exclusionary radical feminist component). Third-wave feminism as I understand it is very concerned with intersectionality, which includes LGBTQ issues.