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    The fact that this requires a detailed article is kind of sad. I mean, I’m all for being hard core and such, but GUIs (either textual or otherwise) DO have a purpose.

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      The issue here seems to be manual vs. automatic configuration, not GUI vs. CLI, no?

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        You’re absolutely correct. The gui thing is a red herring.

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          Yes and no. There is a GUI for wpa_supplicant, you might have used it in Linux without knowing it (although you almost never talk to anything other than the network manager). That’s not the issue here, it’s more that wpa_supplicant won’t actually run out of the box.

          I personally don’t think you should have to write a wpa_supplicant.conf, but for greater cause of flexibility it’s more desirable to have users manually copying config files from /usr/share/examples. It would be nice if that included the update_config=1 line in the example, maybe it will be in future releases?

          I don’t think that any user should ever have to change a rc.d-script file either, and I also wish that it would default to using the /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf config-file and to dhcpcd (I have a hard time imagining anyone using WiFi on a platform for which dhcpcd might not work 100%).

          Changing those two things, my guide could be made obsolete by two paragraphs in the official guide instead. What I did was really that trivial. While it might cast some light on how things are done in NetBSD, although that seemingly did more harm in scaring away people from using it.

          But that’s just my personal ideals, and I hope someone will make my guide grossly unnecessary in the future! But for right now I thought it was more important to just show how it could be done.