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    Just become a member of xHain hackerspace in Berlin and I’ll be giving a workshop there on Friday on building an AI-powered meme search engine.

    Think I’ve finally cracked the right text encoder for best efficiency/results now. Damn, SpaCy is fast!

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      Hoping to switch my AI-powered meme search engine example to use a better image encoder (like CLIP instead of BiT).

      Right now it can find similar memes based on pure image similarity (as long as they’re in the indexed dataset of 1k images). But I want it to find memes based on subject matter similarity (for example if you plug in the doge meme it can also find things like whatever the hell this is).

      To be sure I’d have to index a LOT more memes which’ll take a while. Guess I’ll need to break out the ol’ GPU.

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        I’m working on creating my life-size animatronic butterfly jewelry. No, alas they do not fly. But they do sit there on your clothes looking pretty.

        Last week I scaled down the mechanism from about 7cm to about 1cm wide. (old gears for reference)

        This week: scaling down the “backpack” containing the electronics. Instead of Arduino+motor driver board+breadboard it’ll soon be just one ATTiny85 chip and a small charging board.

        In a few weeks I hope I can report back that I’ve CNCed the shell in metal instead of 3D-printing it. Fingers (and antennae) crossed!

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          I’ve just been getting over the side-effects of the Astrazeneca vaccine (sweats, chills, and headaches oh my!). For the weekend I plan to head to the hackerspace to work on my animatronic butterflies, specifically my upscaled, easy-to-work-with “Mothra”.

          Custom 3D-printed coming along well, and now got the deliveries to work in some more of the moving parts. Next step: grokking how tiny electronics power stuff and get charged without going bang (and by tiny I mean way smaller than a TP4056.

          Looking forward to scaling down to (more-or-less, likely less) life-size. But that’s fiddly af.

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            • Onboarding at new job, meetings, familiarizing myself with the teams and the tools (I have to say that I missed that after six months of job hunt)
            • Took a Macbook Air as work laptop and learning how to use it after 10y of linux (my private laptop is still on Fedora).
            • Enjoy seeing friends and family and get back to job routine.
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              What’s the new job?

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                Geospatial Data Analyst in an start up specialized in Health Information Systems called Bluesquare. It is the crossover of my previous jobs and on paper the perfect next job I wanted to consolidate my experience and really grow. Pretty excited by it to be honest!

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              For funsies: Joined the local hackerspace (which is amazingly open in the pandemic), and ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon. Planning to build “mothra” - a scaled-up version of my robotic butterfly jewelry prototype.

              Prototype is close-ish to life-size(ish). And a bugger to work with because it’s fiddly. Mothra is a scaled up version for testing and development. Planning to 3D print some geared wing struts (CNCed in brass once perfected) and finally understand LiPo battery charge and discharge a bit better (hopefully without too many burns)

              Work-wise: Help the team fix up all of our docs and examples at Jina, as well as the usual developer-relations stuff

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                Just joined the HappyLab hackerspace in Berlin and finally getting back to building my animatronic butterfly jewelry which had been so delayed by pandemic’s shipping issues and most hackerspaces being closed. After a few hours I’ve debugged my motors and (after much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair) got Arduino and Fusion360 working after a year of not touching them.

                BTW, if anyone is suffering with Arduino on Arch/Manjaro (raises hand), the best solution I’ve found is to boot to another OS and try from there. Literally nothing else works. Same crap last year on a different install.

                Looking forward to using the CNC to cut my tiny kinda-gears (they’re gears, but not quite. So not exactly off-the-shelf)

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                  After messing around with horrible mouse-driven tools like Fusion360 it’s so refreshing to come back to something I can just type into vim and it damn well works. Looking forward to checking out the projects. I’ll likely need them - I’m still quite new to OpenSCAD and using it to design components for my animatronic butterfly jewelry.

                  I’ve found SolidPython really useful, since I already think in Python and this makes OpenSCAD a) more OOP and b) easier for me.

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                    • Finished updating my grep book earlier today. Three more books left to be updated, hope to knock another down this week.
                      • Wanted to restart working on a new book last week, but just couldn’t get going despite having plenty of material.
                    • Planning to read Order of the Magi and/or The Spires of Dasny: Dragon Riders School
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                      Where can I find the grep book? I’m mostly using ripgrep these days but always good to learn more about my toolkit

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                        It’s free to read online:

                        It does have a chapter on ripgrep but I haven’t covered a lot of options that vary from GNU grep. It needs to be a separate book really.

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                      Been working on my site almost every week for a while now The idea is to help men learn how to style clothes through experimentation by using capsule wardrobes (You can skip the sign in and see the capsules here - ). It’s still early days so I’m still quite embarrassed about it since it doesn’t have all the features I’d like it too.

                      I just keep going over it, refining the design or functionality and never really reaching out to people. Maybe it’s the fear of rejection, I don’t know… But I figured this week I should try reaching out to different bloggers and see what they make of it and if they thing it’s actually a useful tool. (If anyone has any tips or advice on how to get over the initial fear of trying to get people to use what you built even if you’re still embarrassed about it, please share :o )

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                        So a capsule is like a set of clothes for a specific use case? I like this!

                        I’ve been really minimalist for the past, well, however many years. So I can definitely see the appeal. If I want to “do thing” and there’s a recommended minimal (good) set of stuff to do “a thing”, I’d seriously look at it.

                        And really minimalist means 2 shirts, 2 pants, x underwear (hey, if you really want to know, I’m not shy about sharing), compact jacket, compact rainjacket, etc. All in all, under 8kg. Happy to share more if that would make a good capsule

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                          Yup! That’s pretty much the concept. Users can create capsule’s based on an occasion and can share it with the community (I’ve found most guys seem to shop on a “needs” basis, i.e. need clothes for work, or that date, etc so that was the inspiration). On a personal level, I had also found that if I saw an outfit online, and maybe I didn’t like the jacket I’d struggle to see how else I could wear it, or how to make it work with clothes I already owned. So a capsule gives you a kind of framework where you can swap clothes and make different combinations knowing each combination should work to varying degrees. But user’s can also “stitch” outfits (i.e. ‘like’) So you can see the most popular combos. I’ve created a wardrobe feature as well, with the future intention of allowing users to search for capsules or outfits that contain items they own. I’ve got a lot of features I want to add and it just seems that there are too few hours in a day along with full time work

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                          With respect to reaching out, allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.

                          For what it’s worth, I really like the idea :)

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                          • Building integration between Jina neural search and Rasa chatbots
                          • Hopefully moving somewhere that isn’t the kind of place that makes people say “ooh lala” in a sad/shocked way (this literally just happened)
                          • Joining the local hackerspace which seems to be open in spite of the pandemic waging here in Berlin
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                            Yahoo Pipes was a lot of fun. A highlight of the Web 2.0 “mash-up” era. I remember making a little homepage that pulled posts from a half-dozen different sources. Does anyone what happened to Pipes after Yahoo shut it down? Has there been a Pipes revival somewhere?

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                              Isn’t that ?

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                                  It’s been many years since I used IFTTT, but last I checked it was vastly simpler. You can’t do complex pipelines like the one shown here - it really is “if (this), then (that)” and you can’t chain them together.

                                  I didn’t know about Yahoo Pipes while it was still up so I never got a chance to use it, but AFAICT the closest thing I’ve seen to it so far is Huginn.

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                                    Huginn looks amazing! This could really help with a lot of work stuff where IFTTT just doesn’t have the flexibility or programmability that I need. Thanks!

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                                  Along with huginn, riko is also on my list to try: pull-based and no web GUI, but self-contained with native RSS/Atom.

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                                  (so far): animatronic butterfly jewelry. Covid really threw a wrench in my plans:

                                  • Supply chain screwed: can’t get my specialist tiny motors with high torque (only available from a few places in China)
                                  • Hackerspaces closed: nowhere to actually work on the project (just after I’d found somewhere with the PERFECT CNC machine ffs)

                                  I had prototype that flapped wings for about 3 hours, running off a tiny LiPo battery. But I’ve been stuck there for ages, and now with my busy job I would barely have time even if the above issues weren’t in play :(

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                                    The same as I do every week - act as head cook, bottle washer and firefighter on our developer relations team. I now have a minion team-mate to assist though so that’s a relief.

                                    The funnest thing will be continuing to work on my metrics scraper - basically scraping data from GitHub, PyPi, Docker, etc to calculate rough install and activity numbers for our project, and display it all in a pretty web-based front-end. Just moved from using Python dicts to Pandas dataframes and it’s soooo much nicer!

                                    I’d share the code but it’s all internal for now. Fingers crossed we’ll open it up soon (it’s always ironic how many tools I see for measuring “success” of open source projects, yet they don’t release their own source code)

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                                      I’m working on:

                                      • Writing tools to data-dump GitHub traffic, clones, forks, yadda yadda yadda, and filter out activity by our own team members to get a sense of actual community activity. And then throwing all that into pandas and kicking it around to see what comes out. And probably chuck in Twitter, LinkedIn, whatever other traffic along the way
                                      • Seeing how hacktoberfest goes (1/3 PRs have been reasonable so far. That’s 1 out of 3 total, not one-third specifically)
                                      • Working with various partners (whose names and roles I shall not name) to build up a marketing strategy instead of just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks

                                      Plus, y’know, whatever fires pop up that I need to fight along the way.

                                      BTW, if anyone knows how to get analytics from Slack, hmu. I’m guessing it won’t be easy, but I haven’t had the cycles to look into it yet

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                                        Being in NZ, my weekend’s already half over. I’ve been training up my crappy AI-powered Star trek script generator and planning my relocation to Berlin for work now that my country’s finally opened up again.

                                        That and reading NK Jemison’s delightful How Long ’til Black Future Month? - The L’alchimista short mixed magic and cooking and was a lovely little read.

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                                          Being in NZ, my weekend’s already half over. I’ve been training up my crappy AI-powered Star trek script generator and planning my relocation to Berlin for work now that my country’s finally opened up again.

                                          That and reading NK Jemison’s delightful How Long ’til Black Future Month? - The L’alchimista short mixed magic and cooking and was a lovely little read.

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                                            Very cool. I created my own README a few days ago but the snark set in fast

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                                              I’m busy rewriting documentation, planning videos, blogging, and filing bug reports for my new gig as Open Source Evangelist at Jina AI. Hoping to travel soon to meet the rest of the team. I’ve been stuck in a small country for too long and my feet are itching to get out.

                                              Other than that, hoping to catch up on The Twilight Zone and Salt. Fat. Acid. Heat to further my cooking projects.