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    installing Kubuntu on 5 “throw away” laptops to be given out to some folks for whom a low end laptop will be amazing.

    Also continuing to work through Lippman’s C++ Primer. I don’t know if I’m loving the order in which he’s presenting things. Feels like he’s still teaching “old world” C++ but I’m hoping he’ll cover RAII and other modern features later in the book.

    If anyone has any recommendations on a good from scratch book on Modern C++ I’d love to hear them. Modern Effective C++ seems awesome but I needed more of a reminder of how the basics worked to start since it’s easily been 15+ years since I’ve used anything other than Python/Ruby or the like.

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      I personally also tried to start with C++ Primer, but eventually went to “A Tour of C++” which was much better for starting out and covers modern C++.

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        Thanks for the recommendation this seems MUCH more what I was looking for!