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    We should all take a look at peertube. It’s matodon for video https://joinpeertube.org/en/

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      It’s mastodon for videos, alright. Just like with mastodon, the people and foundations and so on that I want to follow is just not there. It sucks to be honest. I’m keeping the hope alive, though.

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        You should ask them to move to mastodon. Actually would be nice to have some kind of petition asking people to move to mastodon.

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      5 years colemak users club.
      colemak is hard coded on all my keyboards firmware, so I don’t have to mess with configurations.
      Only notebook is using software set colemak.
      I use vim and qtile (I live in terminal most of the time).
      My keyboards if someone is interested -> https://alicef.me/my-first-review.html#my-first-review

      p.s. I have no problem using HJKL
      they are just in a different pattern but I personally like it.
      Is a bit like playing flight games with inverted controllers.
      So I don’t understand when people say that using vim with colemak is complicated. I feel this more natural.

          j↓ l→   
        ←  h