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    Company: Terrastruct

    Company site:

    Position(s): Software Engineer

    Location: SF ONSITE, REMOTE ok for senior (US/CAN)

    Description: Terrastruct is a diagramming tool for software architecture. Drawing software diagrams on a general-purpose tool like LucidChart or feels like coding on Google Docs. It has a lot of the features I don’t care about and lacks ones I wish existed. So, I built one for my needs. It focuses on things that software engineers care about, like managing complexity, autolayout algorithms that actually mimic how humans draw diagrams (not squiggly lines flying everywhere), and integrations with tools like Github and AWS.

    Tech stack: Go, Terraform, AWS, Postgres, Redis, React, Typescript, Redux

    Compensation: $120-$200K base. 0.2-1.5% equity.