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    Is there a reason one cannot parse a JS string into a simple-ish JavaScript AST object, and vice versa? It seems like if the parser were written in a simple / reasonable way, one could also extend it with a macro system.

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      I don’t have any experience with them, but implementations of ASTs for JavaScript exist… https://astexplorer.net/ http://jointjs.com/demos/javascript-ast … also macros! http://sweetjs.org/

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      I’ve been alternately impressed and frustrated by Chrome’s ability to set breakpoints in CoffeeScript and/or JSX… Here’s hoping they’ll improve breakpoint setting as well!

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        … but the one thing I keep coming back to, that I believe has enduring value in almost all situations, is the audition project:

        The most significant shift we’ve made is requiring every final candidate to work with us for three to eight weeks on a contract basis.

        I don’t doubt it’s effectiveness at generating a realistic work sample, but I can’t imagine ageeing to a multi-week project as part of an interview. Even if I were between jobs, just one of these projects would uncomfortably limit my time for generating competing offers. Maybe I’m an outlier, but I have the feeling this would really shrink the application pool, retraining those who are more desperate or star-struck.

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          Shrinking the application pool may be acceptable or even desirable, if they’re telling themselves that they’re eliminating the not-best applicants…

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          I would love for this to be an urban fantasy animated film. Google is the villain, building up its wage-fixing cartel, when it is beset by teams of magical unicorns who smash in and rescue the hostage engineers.

          “Muah ha ha, you’ll need Steve Jobs' personal permission to leave my castle! *crash* No! Guards, guards! Curse you, unicorns!”

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            and Google is run by literal giants!