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    I like the effort you’ve gone to with the UI design.

    goread.io is also nice, albeit more generic to look at. You can pay to use it or host it yourself; it also offers an Android app.

    https://github.com/mjibson/goread https://github.com/mjibson/goread-android

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      My workplace acquired/hired a product and the sole developer a while back. His title is now Head of Development. He has worked on this product for some 15+ years. I was assigned to work on the same product. I quickly sold him on the idea of using the version control software we are using internally (he wasn’t using any).

      I tried my luck on selling CI while I was at it, but I didn’t have the same success. I deployed CI anyway. 2-3 days per week, the builds are red because he checks in something that doesn’t even compile. He doesn’t notice. The C# code base is a mess with home-grown crypto instead of HTTPS. User passwords are essentially stored in plain text. We have no automated tests. Up until last week we didn’t have a release plan. He just released whenever he deemed appropriate.

      We’re now working on mobile apps as well that will work alongside our webapp. Someone told him about JSON, which he liked over XML. I suggested we opt for a restful API, showing off various examples like api.github.com but he prefers inventing his own API (which we already know will be consumed by others at some point).

      Just today he asked me if I knew of a best practice around formatting dates. I pointed to ISO 8601. He didn’t want to deal with that sort of complex formatting.

      I’ve turned to meditating.

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          This is a good idea for internal corporate remediation too.

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          EDIT: You might point out RFC3339 as simpler than 8601, which it is–it leaves out the interval stuff.

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            RFC3339 FTW! Due to it’s regularity, it also happens to be the best fallback date format for all countries using the latin script.

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            I’m in a similar stressful situation, and I can’t stop recommending going to a non-gym like yoga class. Go to a real Yoga class, meditation will help your mind, but yoga does a full body-mind work.

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              I was recently in a similar situation. I came to a behemoth, 12 separate, identical web applications that should have shared code but instead each one was kept separate and changes were diffed and merged by hand. No release plan. No best practices. Ugly code being spat out by WebForms. jQuery plugins and front-end frameworks littered all over the place. I just quit and found a better company to work for.