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    I, too, spin in user-space and never sleep.

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      I’m reading Flowers for Algernon, which I somehow hadn’t read until this point in my life.

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        I believe we are beginning to see the downfall of YouTube as we know it. They are really going way and beyond to ruin their own platform/reputation.

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          That has been happening for couple years now. All the content that made youtube popular are nowadays shunned and banned by recommendation algos. In short, if it cannot be monetized by US linear TV standards, it cannot be found in search or recommendations. So unless you already have several hundred thousand followers (and ads enabled), your content is family friendly and you have used thousands of dollars worth of equipment there are no new viewers.

          This did hit people filming motorcycle related videos pretty hard, as apparently that is very media unsexy content in US. Which happens to most of my youtube subscriptions, from most I watch every video they produce. And my youtube “home”/“recommended” section is full of everything that is not related in any way to my most watched stuff.

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            yes. This is the straw that breaks the camels back. The blocking of help videos of a 3D modeller is going to be the downfall of YouTube. Unable to learn how to use their 3D modelling software, the masses will wander off to different venues in droves.


            (without snark: nobody outside of our little circle here cares about this. Not the advertisers, not youtube, not the general audience, not the press. The is entirely inconsequential to youtube’s future)

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              You might compare it to gentrification. You cater to the middle ground, the cool stuff around the edges is pushed out, the really creative people abandon the platform, you’re left with the most generic content. Blender is just the latest victim of a broad trend.

              Most people may not “care” about Blender specifically, but they should care about an opaque platform that caters to the IP needs of multinationals in overly broad ways and incentivizes some really messed up behavior.

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              It will be awesome to see what the video hosting landscape will be like when PeerTube reaches its height of popularity!

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                I was checking peertube yesterday and it’s a huge change from youtube user experience. A lot more involved, and a lot less intuitive. I have hard time imagining mass adoption with what I saw. Are there any good beginner friendly tutorials/intros to peertube out there?

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                  Take a look at too. It’s much closer to the youtube experience.

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                    You can always checkout this I guess: