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    Now I can make a really big RAM disk!

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      I’ve used for ages and works quite well for me. Will be interested to see how this goes once generally available.

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        Have been using Arch for a long time now on my personal PC. Probably more than eight years. OpenSUSE and Fedora before that. Honestly, the thing that hooked me was the rolling release cycle. I got sick of pretty much having to reinstall and re-tweak everything every few years just to keep everything up to date.

        That said, Arch is good for pets, but not for cattle. I use Ubuntu LTS for servers and Kubuntu LTS for setting up PCs for my parents. Lots of Ansible YAML for the former.

        I also use Dietpi along with Ansible for a few Raspberry Pi machines I have around the place (the exception being OSMC for the Kodi multimedia centre).

        I’ve been a loooong time KDE afficionado, but have recently switched to the Awesome tiling window manager (still use Dolphin and Konsole though).

        I think Nix looks interesting and may be tempted to give it a try in another decade or so. :-)

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          I love my MS Natural Ergonomics 4000. If I could get one with the number pad cut off (less reach for the mouse) it would be perfect. They do tend to last and last which is good as they’re getting harder to find when one finally breaks.

          I’ve tried the MS Sculpt but I find the mushy esc key a real drawback (vim user). Overall just not especially nice to type on. I also do use the function keys and the extra media keys on the 4000 a fair bit, so missed them on the sculpt.

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            +1. Had one of these for years until I wore it out. I’d buy another one if it came with mechanical switches…

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              I have standardized on the 4K. They are the only keyboard I use - I ask for them at each company I work at. I’m worried when they finally stop being made.

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              A good accompaniment to this is a recent presentation at this year by Shervin Emami.

              Desktop Linux, without a keyboard, mouse or desk

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                Interesting talk, but the presenter used “um” as a period…

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                  Very solid talk, and definitely a great accompaniment to this article. Thanks for sharing!