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    Hey lobsters, OP here. It’s a new blog, and this particular post is a new format I am trying out (Andy-Nina talk style). Would love to get some feedback on the format. What do you think of it?

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      I like the diagrams.

      Why did Nina lead with a conversational trap?

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        Yeah, it starts with a bogus question and answer setup on a false belief readers may or may not have. If anything, it seems to presuppose specific, incorrect beliefs on part of readers. Then, it begins the process of correcting them. This could alienate some readers who feel it calls them dumb at the beginning or is just for people with less knowledge than them.

        The easy alternative would be to just have people in a conversation about the protocol where one doesn’t know and learns about it from the other. How they learn is the interesting part for the reader. If wanting extra credit, something more creative where they discover it together through some metaphors or a 3rd party leading them to learn through a team effort. For mastery, the lesson emerges out of a story whose characters were doing something very interesting that was seemingly unrelated to SSL/TLS. Then, BAM, we’re hit with how the protocol works.

        So, there’s a range of options without the trap that might work better.