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    Hi Dan – thank you for archiving this information. As someone who’s starting to get interested in computer architecture, it’s been hard trying to find thorough informational posts on ARM/x86 and RISC/CISC, outside of reading a textbook.

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      Hey @ricardbejarano – just wanted to flag that your code portions are unreadable. It’s turning the background grey with a white text on top.

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        Hey, thanks for pointing it out!

        I’m working on it.

        Edit: should be ok by now.

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        This is great!

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          This was a great read – thanks a lot. Rich is such an interesting guy, I really enjoy his talks. Been meaning to pick up Clojure for a while now.

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            rich is an interesting guy and I like to listen to his views and arguments, while not necessarily making them my own. On the other hand, I’d probably not have to maintain a code base with him on the team, as he reminds me a bit of a certain type of colleague.