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    mea culpa: I believe quite strongly that argument cultures aren’t productive and am a great force for creating them if I don’t regularly keep an eye on my work interactions with others.

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      Arguing is so ingrained as the default mode of communication in tech that we often forget that other ways even exist!

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        So let’s replace it by an “Implementation Culture” and “Unregulated Doing” with the proviso that “If you make it, you maintain it”.

        Hmm. Sounds sort of like Open Source at it’s best.

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          Me too. :/

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              Same and it’s a bummer.

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              I just finished reading Peter Senge’s The Fifth Discipline. He makes a distinction between discussion and dialogue. In discussions, the participants are advocating their views and trying to “win”. In dialogues, the goal is to build a shared understanding of the issue at hand. This is similar to what the author writes in this article under What can you do to change this in your workplace?.

              Senge considers dialogues essential practice for learning organizations. I concur – if we’re always defending our own views, there’s no room for learning and collaboration.

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                What does it do? I get a big gray page full of gray.

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                  It’s a nice little puzzle game in browser. Needs JavaScript.

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                    Nope. Checked with Firebug. Everything loads. No errors in console, but also nothing happening. Oh well.

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                    Check your NoScript icon.

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                    I low how the messages are being presented, almost as if they were two person! Is there more stuff from that guy?

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                      She has a pretty cool blog with a lot of posts about signals hackery at My favorite was the post about mystery signal from a helicopter.

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                        Oooh I remember the helicopter one, really interesting stuff, thanks!

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                      Or simply:

                      git log --format=format:'%aN <%aE>' | sort -u
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                        This also respects the .mailmap file. If you have a person who commits with more than one e-mail address, or name, and you want only one entry them, you can create a file called .mailmap in the root of your repository with lines like this:

                        J. Random Hacker <> <>

                        All the commits by J. Random Hacker in the log will be shown with the first address. See git-shortlog(1) for details.