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    Wow, this looks great.

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        Trying so so hard to make localization in kraken.js improved. Getting so close to releasing things that make things better, but so much to do.

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          Great and simple summary!

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            Connect with people about it. Develop accountability. Explain it to others and let their enthusiasm to know more drive you. Ten days is a short time to learn to do this, though. It’s a long process, one seemingly neglected!

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              “PR Team not shellshocked by shellshock”

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                This is specific to VictorOps?

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                  I think the na├»ve way is fine, since it’s minimal and stupid instructions for update. Not good ones, but instructions none the less through the right lens.

                  However, you really do get a lot out of fine-grained instructions like that. Idempotency even for more complex situations, conditional update. Good stuff.

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                    Still trolling through doing internationalization right. It’s not sexy, but it’s so painful when it’s done wrong. Too easy to get clever and make it hard for linguists, too easy to play dumb and make it hard for developers.

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                      Still porting the es shell to Rust

                      Experimenting with an ultra-minimal sign-up flow for, of all things, a webring. Thinking about it as a proof-of-concept for owning one’s own infrastructure as a basis for connecting services without major vendors or central sites.

                      Poking at an Earley parser in javascript, thinking of porting code from marpa

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                        A mandelbrot fractal view. Exercises math and recursion, plus actually displaying or emitting graphics.

                        A parser for a simple language. Exercises recursion or function call overhead, and puts you up against a language and library’s ability to deal with character and string data, and its ability to allocate memory.