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    There’s something very interesting here I’m finding hard to reconcile both in this article and the discussion around it. I’m looking at how we use most management frameworks and they usually try to converge on binary criteria for acceptance in the “definition of done”:

    • Is it documented?
    • Does it work?
    • Did it pass QA?
    • Did is pass acceptance / style tests?

    Is it fast or efficient is not an easily captured or measured. Especially before the fact. When it comes to metrics, one would believe that money spent would be a good, albeit last ditch, indicator of how efficient a particular piece of code is, but I’ve found that this lack expertise also permeates business management. I’m still shocked as I move across the industry that most businesses have little to no idea of how much it costs to run their product. They know (most of the time) when they stop making a profit, but rarely have a full picture of why they are profitable.

    I’m not sure it’s reasonable to target efficiency at scale, but it can certainly be used as an edge to those who can capture it. I think that for one to understand efficiency, it requires a holistic view, which I don’t think an assembly chain modern work environment actually encourages.

    In the end, “smart” compilers seem like the most efficient way of addressing inefficiency, but education would certainly drive the industry in a better direction.

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      Wow, man, you’re not going soft there. While you have some points, you’re sitting so high on that moral high horse you’ll knock your head face-first on a bridge.

      Chill out and make a PR instead of a fuss.

      Still, excellent popcorn thread.

      Edit: I’m quite curious to know why you picked Netdata as your windmill to tilt at?

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        Chill out and make a PR instead of a fuss.

        How is this not on a T-Shirt yet?