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    Is anyone on mac OS using Alacritty as their daily driver? I’m eager to get away from iTerm2 even if just because the increased sanity of my dotfiles because of the YAML configuration format instead of a constantly modified plist!

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      I recently switched to Terminal.app (the builtin terminal) from iTerm2 because it’s slow for no reason. I used none of the features of iTerm2 often enough to warrant using it. If you’re seriously considering Alacritty as an alternative, then switching to the default terminal would probably work for you too.

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        100% agree. I’ve gone from iTerm2 → Alacritty → Kitty, and as mentioned in my other comment, I could probably just use Terminal.app now.

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        Been switching a few weeks ago, love it since then. Just note you would need a terminal multiplexer for some features (like tabs, split screen, etc). Also, you could miss the command+click facility to open a link (tracked here). Overall I still find the experience to be better than with the other terminals.

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          I did for a few months, using tmux. I like it for the most part (especially live-reloading of the config), but switched to kitty [1] about 2 weeks ago and haven’t regretted it. I switched because while Alacritty is (was?) faster than iTerm2, I would experience a lot of slow redraws in tmux, and some other things. I’ve found kitty to be faster. I honestly could probably just use Terminal.app at this point if I could set up some basic shortcuts correctly.

          [1] https://sw.kovidgoyal.net/kitty/

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            I have been using iterm2 for years and never had to edit a plist file. What are you doing that requires that constantly?

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              I’m not editing it. Rather, it seems every time I exit it, something gets written to its plist file, which I’ve symlinked into my versioned dotfiles.