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    Author here. Let me know if something isn’t working well for you or if you’d like to see different recommendations. The demo was a lot of fun to build, and I am always looking for feedback!

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      I appreciate you writing the code, and I realize this only uses publicly available information, but it makes me minorly queasy.

      (To emphasize, in the following text, I’m not really criticizing you, or this application specifically, just voicing my fears of what technology allows us to do)

      This falls into that class of things where computers make it so much easier to violate privacy in spirit, if not law. If I were to do this by hand, it would be very tedious and time consuming, so I would probably not do it. But now, very easily I can develop a profile of sorts of a person - a stranger - without them knowing, or perhaps even wanting it.

      Again, totally legal, but in my opinion in a gray zone like a surveillance state. Sure license plates are public information, but in the old days the KGB would have to physically tail you to figure out what you were upto, and they can’t tail all the dissidents.

      But now, every police officer can collate information from license plate readers and track your movements and build a profile of you with minimal resources and oversight. Not technically a violation of privacy laws, but it sure as hell should be a violation of something.