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    Just for fun: Starting to play with my freenas to setup git-annex. Really want to try having everything I use (including books/movies/etc) to be on git.

    Writing: Have a goal to finish a long-in-draft-form blogpost guide about remote working near a ski resort.

    Side Project: Playing with SVGKit (MTS’s osx fork) for my will-it-ever-ship side project Thimble, previously had hardcoded views and wasn’t happy with it, and not happy with using raster images either due.

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      Nice! I’ve had git-annex on my radar for some time now. Have you looked into the git-annex assistant at all?

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        Started going through the installation of the assistant (on osx) the other night, haven’t completely tried it yet. Eventually, I’ll install assistant on the android phone. The real goal of this is to have auto-backup of phone-taken photos straight to the server, feel comfortable occasionally wiping photos off the phone to free up space, and avoid dealing with google+’s interruptive/slower interface.

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      Starting a bit late, but I’m doing Julython this month; I will be working on the design and code for an idea I’ve had for a (possibly) different take on a static site generator. Hoping to learn a lot by doing it, and that it will provide a good place to start getting feedback from my tech mentor on where I need to improve.