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      At the same time on the MINIX3 home page: “Unfortunately, the MINIXCon 2017 conference had to be cancelled due to the small number of talks submitted”

      “The most popular OS” is not the the right concept, “The most installed OS” is better.

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        They haven’t heard about OpenBSD!

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          They have! They plan to steal its good ideas. But this seems focused a lot on making a desktop, BSD based, OS with privacy in mind more than anything.

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          I completely disagreement with this vision of the life, black or white.

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            I recently bought this book and I love it. One of the type of books my shelf I know I’ll be going back to.

            I read it from a security perspective. I’ve found it beneficial to learn how programs run from the low-level virtual memory system, how kernel/userspace divide works, the endless buffers/caches, etc and how they care all composed together in the OS.

            Something that is still useful even as Im mostly working with higher-level code.

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              I have the 2nd edition (focused on 32 bit) I love it. Next year I would like to buy the third edition, but it is much too expensive, 150$ more or less.

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              It’s a good resource on pointers.

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                Research Gate is a good place.

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                  Didn’t know about that one, many thanks.