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    On any reasonably large project, this would send the PR author tens of emails everyday. It can take weeks for the PR to get reviewed. Why not let the reviewer / maintainer themselves update the branch (if there’s no merge conflicts)?

    GitHub also has branch protection rules which will prevent you from merging a branch that’s not up to date with master.

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      Or just rebase when applying PRs. If you get a conflict, notify the submitter and move on.

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        It’s going to be a problem for large teams for sure, in that case, we could optimize this to send periodic reminders (maybe once per week that your branch is X commits behind) instead of reminding for every merge. Something I haven’t given a thought about.

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        This link is unreadable on mobile, I keep getting the sidebar shown instead of the article.

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          Does anyone know of a similar tool for Python-based projects? It looks like it could be fairly handy, if not a tad overkill.

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            I’m not familiar with a library that provides the --changelog feature out of the box, but it seems like a pretty solid idea to do that.

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              If you are talking about python projects installable via pip, you can ship the file with the build. read here after that, you can just write a similar regex for fetching the version numbers as well

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              looks useful, would be better if it had binaries available

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                Thanks! There’s a binary for Linux and I’ll get more cross-compiling Real Soon(TM)

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                The video’s don’t seem to work for me in Firefox on Linux: “no video with supported format and MIME type found”. This seems to be MP4, which should work. If I open one of the links directly I get “The video can’t be played because the file is corrupt”. In the console I have the error:

                Media resource [..] could not be decoded, error: Error Code: NS_ERROR_DOM_MEDIA_FATAL_ERR (0x806e0005)

                Details: mozilla::SupportChecker::AddMediaFormatChecker(const mozilla::TrackInfo&)::<lambda()>: Decoder may not have the capability to handle the requested video format with YUV444 chroma subsampling.

                Playing it with mpv works, and confirms it uses YUV444. It looks like Firefox doesn’t support this for MP4 files:

                While ffmpeg can decode them, neither windows WMF decoder nor Apple’s one can.
                For coonsistency sake, we’ve disabled them on Linux too.

                If you want to play yuv444 video, prefer a free codec such as vp9 for which we can provide decoder.

                Anyway, just FYI :-)

                All of that being said, I often find just a piece of text with example commands a lot easier than videos, as they don’t move so much and I can adsorb it in my own time (“what did it type? Oh, now it’s gone”)

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                  Thanks for digging into this. I ran into it and was just going to complain that the videos weren’t working for me without bothering to troubleshoot. I’ve seen the problem a half dozen times and chalked it up to a poor video hosting site in the past.

                  Now that I know this, I installed ff2mpv’s native messaging host (yay -S ff2mpv-native-messaging-host-git) followed by this add-on and now have a right-click option to play these in mpv with even less fuss.

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                    Oh jeez. Adding videos to the website is a pain in the ass Sorry, my bad. Should have just gone with pure GIFs ig?

                    All of that being said, I often find just a piece of text with example commands a lot easier than videos, as they don’t move so much and I can adsorb it in my own time (“what did it type? Oh, now it’s gone”)

                    I see thanks, wanted it to be interactive so that I could demonstrate how the workflow will change if you mess up git

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                      Have you checked out asciinema? Less of a hassle than either videos or gifs I would imagine.

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                        GIFs can be kinda large.

                        I’m not sure what the best codecs to use is; I never really added videos to a webpage so I never looked at it; I just noticed it didn’t work 😅 I’m sure there are some guides out there, and as mentioned asciinema is quite nice as well.

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                      Trying to finish WIP tasks in ugit. Still not ready for a v1.0 release

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                        Nothing fancy but tried to build a web-based platform to evaluate programming assignments in colleges (especially in India where we still create hard-paper practical files). Was in the process to build features like:

                        • Hackerank style test case evaluation
                        • Plagiarism detection (using MOSS ofc)
                        • Code execution using Judge0 online IDE

                        Failed due to lack of planning (from my side) and team-effort since it was a major project :(

                        What I learned:

                        • Working with a team is a very hard & important thing to do
                        • Built my first 2 python packages