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    Julia is pretty good at this stuff too with Unitful.jl:

    ]add Unitful
    julia> using Unitful: m, ft
    julia> using Statistics: cov
    julia> cov(rand(100).*m)
    0.07996239074313088 m^2
    julia> 1ft + 1m
    1631//1250 m

    It’s probably not quite as ergonomic out of the box as Frink, but you get the added benefit of being able to use Julia’s speed and packages.

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      That’s the second translation extension which I use that was “attacked” by Mozilla. The other one was S3.Translator after a request to collect statistics of use.

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        That’s removal from Is S3.Translator also blocked for side-loading?

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            FWIW we have been delisted (wiped from the face of the AMO, automatic updates disabled, but people can install/still use the extension) rather than blocked (forcibly disabled on every users’ machine).

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              Jesus. If Mozilla prevents me from using tridactyl, then it’s likely that I move back to Chrome. Thank you for dealing with it. It sure looks frustrating.

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          Looks cool but I’m too risk adverse to invest in something like this.

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            Risk adverse?

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              This project could die at any moment. I try to avoid filling my head with stuff I won’t use in the future.

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                  I more meant “what about this is so risky you shan’t use it?”, it didn’t occur to me that verbal cues are lost through text like that, I’m tired.

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                I can understand, but note that IMO using Vimium, Tridactyl and friends is more risky. Similar projects that were tied to a single platform all died in the past (Vimperator, Conkeror,…). Next’s core is an independent Lisp program (and Lisp is, by the way, known for its stability).

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                  I’m not sure that’s fair. Qutebrowser has a nice list of similar projects - - and you can see that the graveyard is equally littered with “independent programs” and browser extensions : )

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                    Vimium exists for a very long time and is very unlikely to die. Port also exists on Firefox. I use both ATM and didn’t have any problems whatsoever.

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                      I don’t use those either. I tried Qutebrowser briefly but, again, too high risk. Browsers at this point are a closed platform

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                    I really need to make the effort and transition to FF.

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                      It’s really not an effort. Firefox is just a better browser at this point.

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                        Yet Firefox gets a LOT of hate for…. Just about everything.

                        Given that it’s the only 100% open source browser with any market share to speak of, I struggle to understand people’s stance on this.

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                          Higher expectations, I suppose

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                            Yeah I think that’s a big part of it. Most people who like to throw shade at Firefox prefer some niche browser or other, because that meets their particular preferences, priorities and needs better.

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                            Lack of vertical tabs.


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                              Can you articulate why lack of vertical tabs is such a deal breaker for you? Just aesthetics or is there a functional reason?

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                                • Vertical tabs conserve horizontal screen space; important as displays lose more and more height and gain more width with each year.
                                • Switching tabs using the mouse requires a large (> 100px) and non-predictable (due to varying tab widths) amount of hand movement; vertical tabs always take the same, small movement.
                                • Horizontal tabs start to get compressed and increasingly harder to read with >8 tabs; vertical tabs always keep the same width.

                                These are the functional reasons, but this doesn’t mean that vertical tabs should allowed to be aesthetically repulsive, just as long as they provide these features.

                                Compare this dog’s breakfast Firefox devs force upon people with this design for instance.

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                                  I’m an unusual edge case where UX is concerned so I’ll appreciate your radically different perspective and thank you for taking the time to elucidate it!

                                  For me, the mouse is a productivity vampire. I avoid it like the plague. I use keyboard based random access to get to tabs and never have more than 9 open at once so it’s never a problem.

                                  I have fine and gross motor difficulties so getting the mouse to move where I want and to actually hit the accursed tiny clicky thing is torture :)

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                            Yeah, I don’t really understand this conception. I have the hardest time trying to convince my friends to switch, they always state it’s too much of a hassle. What hassle? Bookmarks, history, passwords and even settings all automatically imported on first run. Thanks to web extensions, most extensions are a simple re-install away (or worst case alternatives are easily found with a quick search).

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                              That´s all true both, and yet there is something freaking sticky about Chrome. But you are completely right.

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                              do they have user-friendly multiprofile? That’s always been the blocker for me

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                                Same here. Containers are nice but I use profiles a lot in Chrome. Having the separation of history is useful. Firefox still doesn’t have a good way of managing profiles.

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                                  I’m using different profiles, a personal one, and a work one, and it works great. I’ve never used multiple profiles on chrome though, so I don’t know how it would compare.

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                                    Chrome profiles are a first-class feature available by clicking on your profile picture on the menu bar:

                                    While Firefox has profiles, they seem a bit tedious to set up and manage It looks like the only way of controlling them is through about:profiles - do you use them this way or some other way?

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                                      I’m afraid I do use them through about:profiles. Chrome’s do look better, I must say, but Firefox’s work well enough for me :)

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                                  Chromium’s UI is better than Firefox, IMO.

                                  On the same machine (2011 27” iMac, Debian, 16 Gb RAM, 3.6 Ghz i5) Chromium is noticeably snappier, smoother, and less glitchy.

                                  Right now, even as I’m typing this, I’m experiencing a glitch where popup menus (from right click or clicking the >> button, for example) show up for a fraction of a second and disappear.

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                                    It is an effort. I switched a few months ago and it took me a few solid weeks to get comfy. I had to sink lots of time into configuring tridactyl.

                                    Just depends of workflows really.

                                    Other things that require a similar level of effort (or more): changing your email client, changing your shell, changing your window manager.

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                                      I suppose I am a rather vanilla browser user - I hadn’t considered more niche use cases.

                                      Sidebar: thank you for making ripgrep! I use it daily and love it.

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                                        FWIW I find vim-vixen much easier to get going with than tridactyl.

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                                          A brief look suggests that vim-vixen has far fewer features. Tridactyl wasn’t necessarily hard to use. It just took awhile to perfect my setup. One really nice feature it has is that I can configure it via a vim-style config file on disk that keeps everything consistent and under my control through all my workstations.

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                                            I admit, I basically only use j, k, f, and / for the most part. Perhaps I don’t know what I’m missing.

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                                              I don’t use too much more, but this is my config:

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                                                We fixed set findcase smart a few days ago by the way. No-one else had mentioned it. It isn’t quite in a stable release yet but will be soon.

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                                                  Thanks! :)

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                                      Enable WebRender (set gfx.webrender.enabled and gfx.webrender.all to true in about:config), restart FF and it’ll be almost as fast as Chromium in most tasks, faster in some.

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                                        I switched over this morning after going back and forth between it and Chromium a few times in the past. Chromium’s UI is better, but I haven’t had any problems with rendering yet.

                                        I’d love to use, but it doesn’t have uMatrix or an adblocker yet, so I’m not going to use it full time.

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                                        Relatedly, Tridactyl or Vimium might scratch this itch for you. I’ve used them and previous extensions (Vimperator, VimFX, VimVixen) for over a decade and love them.

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                                          Thanks for the recommendation.

                                          I am trying out Tridactyl, and so far it doesn’t seem close to what I talked here about. For example, I can’t seem to find a way to sift through story threads, or open them easily in a new tab, or upvote/downvote, any easier using Tridactyl.

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                                            You’ll need to do a little customisation to get what you want out of Tridactyl.


                                            :set searchurls.lobsters
                                            :bind gs fillcmdline tabopen lobsters
                                            :bind gu tabopen


                                            As for opening threads and upvote/downvoting, you’ll want to look at :help hint and :hint -c [css selector]. For Hacker News, I have bind ;c hint -c [class*="expand"],[class="togg"] which makes minimising comments easy.

                                            Hope that helps.