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    When I decided I wanted to get into open source, I was kind of scared at first, because I remembered that there were a lot of open source developers with this kind of attitude, and I really can’t stand that. When I first approached some open-source projects, the first people I ran into were rude and abusive in the exact way I’d come to expect. I’m not sure I ever really recovered from that. I didn’t interact much with open-source projects and I lost hope in the idea that there were enjoyable open-source communities that could develop quality software.

    It means a lot to me to see people condemning this kind of behavior. I hope that one day I’ll be able to find an open source project upholding the ideals that these people champion.

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      Nice catch, but is calling for shooting (eh, waterboarding) people really okay?

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        Come on, it is just a figure of speech…

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          I’m not sure when torture comparisons became “just a figure of speech”. “waterboarding” certainly only entered common vocabulary through Guantanamo.

          If I were to call for you to be waterboarded here and now in this forum, I would hopefully be banned for that attack.