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    Taking a week off. Take care of yourselves, folks. 🖤

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      Strangely enough, researching text editors.

      I was originally thinking of writing my own toy text editor but when you start digging, there’s a ton you never think about. How do you store text buffers? How do you handle undo? How does syntax highlighting work? How do you even figure out how many characters you can display on a line?

      I’m hoping to write some of this up into an article at some point.

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          I would love to read this article. Let me know if you need someone to proof-read.

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          Coming into this video with no previous understanding of a fourier transform, I now understand it well enough to use. I’ve essentially added an advanced tool to my repertoire that will aid me in my trade - I’m sure there will come a moment when I need to differentiate signals in a computer system.

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            This video had the same effect on me. I’ve found myself doing a lot of DSP for audio in the last few years. I’ve read other explanations of how the transform works, but just came away more frustrated. Finally internalizing this—via 3Blue1Brown—was a huge level-up.

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            A few from my config:

            amend = commit --amend
            branch-recency = for-each-ref --sort='-authordate:iso8601' --format='%(authordate:relative)%09%(refname:short)' refs/heads
            contributors = shortlog --summary --numbered
            credit = "!f() { git commit --amend --author \"$1 <$2>\" -C HEAD; }; f"
            delete-merged  = "!git branch --merged | grep -v '\\*' | xargs -n 1 git branch -d; git remote -v update -p"
            undo = reset --soft HEAD^
            unreleased = "!f() { git fetch --tags && git diff $(git tag | tail -n 1); }; f"