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    REBOL was doomed from the start. You could try it out for free, but if you wanted to use it for anything serious like database connectivity or whatnot, you were required to purchase a license %]

    I remember you could do some amazing one-liners though!

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      I guess the main reason he doesn’t recommend turning off Defender is that, for normal people, it’s not even possible :P

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          Sad indeed.

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            Python is dead

            Update: Why the downvote? It’s quite obvious to me that Python is not a language you can trust going forward and there are plenty of good alternatives out there (Go, Swift, Nim, Elixir, etc). Why they have destroyed a perfectly nice language is beyond me.

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              Saying “X is dead” in the technology world is pretty much a no-op. It’s a statement devoid of any actual purpose other than trying to make a splash.

              Want proof? Google “Java is dead” and then actually look at just HOW MUCH JAVA is being written every day, all the time, in enterprise environments.

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                I don’t claim that Python is dead because I don’t like it. The opposite is true, but why put a lot of time and effort into learning a language that is degrading and where the maintainers obviously don’t care about the users. I am looking for alternatives and I think a lot of people are. That’s why I believe it’s dead. Golang looks promising.

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                  a language that is degrading

                  Have you looked at the new Python 3 stuff? Things have been getting awesome, especially with Python 3.5 and beyond.

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                    I guess I haven’t really %]

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                By some measures, python is currently the third most popular language on github, behind Javascript and Java: https://octoverse.github.com/. Just saying “Python is dead” is low-effort. Please back up your extraordinary claims or expect downvotes.

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                  Fair enough.

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                I don’t think you thought this through. How on earth are you going to survive without Counter-Strike?