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    Since when do you have to love a tool to use it?

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      It’s not a requirement, but it’s nice. I used to love Firefox back in the early Phoenix days. These days, I dread updates to any browser because I know it will come with advertising-related changes I don’t want and/or removal of features that I do.

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      Hello, article author here. If you folks have any questions or suggestions, I can respond here.

      I just started byuu.net and this is the first original piece. I want to turn the domain into a resource for emulator developers, and cover the more nuanced, deeper-dive areas that often get omitted from existing ‘how to write an emulator’ tutorials. Things like thread schedulers, priority event queues, chiptune anti-aliasing, and all of the various components that go into simulating another device’s display (color emulation is just the first of many parts to this.)

      If anyone’s interested, I’ll have an RSS feed for new content up in about a week, which will be at byuu.net/feed once it’s live.

      Thanks for reading!