Another week of being all over the place. Working, Sailing, heading to NWRUG (Ruby user group), Gardening and no doubt working on the car.

    Also need to put two cars up for sale, turns out owning four cars is hard work and I only really need two in the family. Oops.

    1. 5

      (Ha, nice. I’ve wondered about doing these previously but wondered if it would be too granular given the weekly what-are-you-doing threads technically cover the weekend. Nice to see someone else had the thought—and tested the theory out. ✌🏻)

      I picked up a secondhand gas BBQ tonight, and have cleaned it so we will have to fire that up Saturday evening to give it a test run. Also got a friend (& future colleague) coming to stay for the weekend, his one request is I take him sailing so that’s pretty much our plan once he arrives tomorrow.

      I might see if I can flush and refill my car’s manual transmission fluid at some point too. Had a lovely big syringe and hideously expensive oil turn up in the post today.

      1. 3

        I really enjoy the weekly threads, but most people seem to focus on work tasks and such. I wasn’t sure if this thread would get much love or hate, but it’s a decent test I suppose :)

      1. 3

        Another slightly odd week, after last week’s unexpected shenanigans travelling to Edinburgh to celebrate my employer being acquired successfully.

        This week I’m off to meet my new team/employer in person for the first time (job change in August. Unrelated to buyout.) Which means more travelling, albeit to Sheffield this time. (Sheffield is lovely to boot, any excuse to visit.)

        Working on a parser for a client in-between everything else, which is the first language parsing I’ve seriously undertaken. Interesting stuff, currently writing a library for Ruby so looking at parslet to do the heavy lifting for me.

        Also the good weather in the UK amazingly continues, which means my garden continues growing. Bought a chainsaw last week and chopped a load of stuff down to start tidying it up, but there’s (as ever) always more to do.

        1. 2

          I spent some time a few years ago speeding up my own shell (I think I was up to around 5 seconds startup time), and replacing Oh-My-Zsh with hand-built files was one of the biggest wins.

          Out of interest I just timed it, and it’s still under half a second so I’m happy. (Although Zim looks interesting, thanks for pointing that out @aminb!)

          $ echo -n "$SHELL "; for i in {1..10}; do /usr/bin/time $SHELL -ic exit; done |& awk '{ i += $1 } END { print i/NR }'
          /usr/local/opt/zsh/bin/zsh 0.34

          How fast does your shell start?

          1. 3

            Nice :) And no problems.

            How fast does your shell start?

            Here’s mine:

            ➜ echo -n "$SHELL "; for i in {1..10}; do /usr/bin/time $SHELL -ic exit; done |& awk '{ i += $1 } END { print i/NR }'
            /bin/zsh 0.0206667
            1. 1

              $HOME/.brew/bin/fish : 0.0241765

            2. 1

              I really don’t understand why we need to optimize a shell.

              ; echo -n $SHELL' ';{for(i in `{seq 1 10}){/usr/bin/time $SHELL -ic exit}}>[2=1]|awk '{i+=$1}END{print i/NR}'
              /p9p/bin/rc 0
              1. 3

                Mostly to avoid flow state interruptions. I want tools that stay out of the way. Prompting for updates I just want to do work is dumb.

            1. 4

              We need some form of “strict” mode which turns these all onto sane settings by default.

              1. 2

                XKCD #927 😜

                1. 4

                  I don’t think this is really relevant - it wouldn’t be a competing standard, or a standard at all really, just a baseline to start from that could vary from server to server.

              1. 2

                This week I am mostly working on my suntan in the outside office. (5Ghz wifi, power, a gazebo for the screen, decent table & chairs on the patio…) It seems the UK is in a minor heatwave at the minute so time to take full advantage of it.

                Also need to work on the garden, ignoring it for a few weeks has lead to rampant growth of everything and it all needs trimming back. Time to break out the power tools for some fun playtime.

                1. 6

                  Off to Frankfurt, Germany for a couple of nights to start the week. Last minute short break, mostly to experience another place in Germany and partly because my mate needs to get abroad occasionally. Looking forward to it, especially not having to touch a laptop for a few days.

                  Main project when I get home is sorting my wifi network out. Up until now it’s been a Ubiquiti AP-AC-LR doing the heavy lifting, I’ve just picked up an AP-AC-MESH to go alongside that but placement of them isn’t ideal currently. Need to pull some cat6 from the loft down through a bedroom closet to the hall to move one of them to the ground floor to see if that makes a big enough difference. (The goal is decent 5Ghz coverage in the main house & on the patio.)

                  1. 3

                    We also use the same services to monitor non-production environments, nagios in this case. We only use Pingdom to monitor the production services from external sources however. (Mostly so it doesn’t alert us to things going down out of hours we don’t care about until the next day.)

                    1. 1

                      Love the project… although a chainsaw is a more suitable tool for slicing up logs. Angle Grinders are more for stone or metal 😍😋

                      1. 2

                        Ahhh how did I miss that!!!

                      1. 1

                        One of those weeks I don’t have specific aims in mind, but it’ll include the following:

                        • Pub quiz
                        • Pub visit sans quiz
                        • Sailing (first time getting the boat out this year)
                        • More aerial photography from my DJI Spark (& more practice at flying it)
                        1. 2

                          Not sure I have a routine as such.

                          Work days are vaguely similar, I don’t have many meetings so mostly just appearing on Slack & making infrastructure work is my day. I pretty much only have my 1:1’s every Weds, “remote coffee” at the end of a Weds workday (anyone “remote” who feels like hanging out in a google meet for an hour, does so), and then sprint retrospective on the last Friday afternoon, then Sprint planning the following Monday morning.

                          • 0630 - 1000 - depending on the day I’ll wake up at some point in this window. Work days tend towards the end of the window for some reason.
                          • 1300 - 1400 - I try to take lunch, if I’m taking lunch during this time. Might be skewed an hour either way, or eat at my desk to finish up earlier later.
                          • 1600 - 1800 - Finish work, depending on the day it’s then mess about with kids/dinner/gaming/cycling/pub with friend(s) to pass the time till ~sunset
                          • 1930 - 0100 - Watch Youtube, prod personal laptop, occasionally do a couple of hours freelance for a friend
                          • 0100 - bed, usually flick through Imgur till I fall asleep

                          On weekends the routine is vaguely the same, just replace $work with gardening/entertaining children/days out/cycling/sailing/working on the cars/hacking on laptop/going to pub with friends.

                          1. 1

                            Looks like it’s been renewed now :-)

                            1. 2

                              Feels more like an advert for your product, than explaining what MQTT is and why everyone (who?) is talking about it. For lobste.rs I’d expect something more technical, less advert.

                              1. 4

                                Continuing the home automation front with a xiaofang wifi camera that arrived over the weekend, so I need to get that reflashed and hooked into the house. Should probably redeploy the MQTT server and HASS now that I’m leaning on them seriously. (Currently they were stood up by hand as prototypes. We all know how long prototypes live for…)

                                For the first time in my life, I now own three cars as well. Luckily we also have a three car drive, so this isn’t an issue yet. The more amusing thing is the new-to-me car isn’t actually new to me, I last owned it in 2011. Only has 10k more miles on it since then. Given it was given to me for free and may well die in the next 12 months, I’m treating it as a cheap crap car to do whatever I like to. Currently in the middle of bodging DRLs onto it (these from amazon are E4 certified! And bright! Most excellent.) Also have a tune box on the way, which should take it from 112bhp to 130 or so, and add around 80Nm of torque hopefully. Debating going the whole hog and fitting a light pod to the bonnet, because rally car.

                                1. 4

                                  We had a hackathon and another release for my little social network, pnut.io, over the weekend.

                                  Now I’m organizing my thoughts about our next improvements, and helping developers implement the changes. It looks like we’re already set for GDPR. Not sure how I’m going to improve our search back end yet.

                                  And if at all possible I’m going to feed the bees in between the rain!

                                  1. 1

                                    Props for thinking about GDPR already.

                                    1. 2

                                      A user pointed me to http://www.davidfroud.com/gdpr-compliance-step-step-part-1-prerequisites/ for a good start, specifically the “GDPR in Plain English” link in the first item.

                                  1. 8

                                    Spent the weekend playing with hardware devices. Reached a point where I can control a ceiling light in the way I want to, with a Sonoff Basic. (Only destroyed one of them along the way too, score.) It’s currently soak testing on my dining table with a table light, but the plan this week is to install it into the ceiling of my office. (Basic gist, relay in the Sonoff controls the light on/off, and the light switch on the wall completes a circuit on GPIO14 pin to toggle the relay. Plus wifi controlled from Home Assistant/HomeKit.)

                                    Also reverse engineered a battery receiver for my wireless doorbell (Wilko’s cheapest), and wired that into a Raspberry Pi successfully. When someone rings my doorbell, GPIO pin is pulled high and go-doorbell daemon emits the event into MQTT. I then have a script in Home Assistant that pauses my Sonos speakers, plays a doorbell sound through them and restores whatever the speakers were doing beforehand. Obligatory Tweet about the project

                                    This week I’m aiming to have control of my office via HomeKit/Siri. (“Hey Siri, turn the office on/off”.) That just involves a ceiling light coming on, and a wall socket turning on. (via Sonoff Basic & Sonoff S20 running Tasmoto firmware.)

                                    I’ve also promised someone a blog post about how I hooked up the doorbell, so I’m aiming write that up at some point too.

                                    And waiting to see what cheap electrical goodies from China arrive this week. Downside of cheap, month long shipping: I forget what’s coming; Upside: surprise in every delivery!

                                    1. 2

                                      Love the Sonos pause/restart after the doorbell sound! What a great feature.

                                      1. 2

                                        Is third party firmware required for sonoff use w/HomeKit|iOS?

                                        Sonoff devices are quite readily available here (thailand) via domestic online shopping, but I’m hesitant to get any if they’re not actually usable.

                                        1. 1

                                          With the current stock firmware they’re controllable by the EWeLink app, and possibly Alexa now. Apparently homekit support is coming, but who knows when.

                                          They’re very hacker friendly pieces of hardware however, which is why there’s a bunch of custom firmware that will basically do most things you want from them without having to write code yourself. They integrate with Home Assistant or homebridge pretty easily (either as HTTP endpoint, or via MQTT server) to get HomeKit support for them.

                                      1. 9

                                        Wondering where all my free time has vanished. Mostly taking a week of not planning things outside work and seeing what I end up doing.

                                        Possible contenders:

                                        • Sailing! (If it’s not too cold)
                                        • Compression testing / bleeding the Project BMW (If it’s not too rainy)
                                        • Home Automation. Mostly can’t be bothered wiring sonoff stuff into mains, as that’s the dangerous bit.
                                        • Garage Gym. Needs a bunch of stuff (including a bed) moving out the way so I can actually get to the equipment
                                        1. 5

                                          Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

                                          Springs to mind.

                                          1. 6

                                            Doing some side work on a greenfield(ish) rails app for a friend, developing a web app for the first time in a couple of years. It’s interesting to pick things back up and find they’ve not changed a huge amount. Rails is still quick at building out new features, no news there really.

                                            Home automation efforts have paused somewhat, the sensor stuff is still working great but actual controls of equipment has stalled.

                                            All in all, not a huge amount. I appear to be in a video games phase currently, getting near completing the storyline of GTA V for the second time (playing it through in FPV on Xbox One this time.)

                                            1. 3

                                              I appear to be in a video games phase currently, getting near completing the storyline of GTA V for the second time (playing it through in FPV on Xbox One this time.)

                                              The characters on that game were excellent. If anything, the money they put into voice actors and content might set the bar too high for most games to beat. Intentional for sure. Of all the things I’ve heard, the best fan theory is that Trevor’s character represents not just a stereotype of meth-addicted hillbillies but the players themselves in how they approach GTA games. Trevor does all the crazy stuff as a NPC that we do as a player.

                                              Interesting concept that normally could break the suspend disbelief aspect but not here. I wonder how far that could stretch in other games where it gives characters ideas without taking their mind out of the story. Thinking on it, I guess it happens a lot in shooter/war games and maybe RPG’s as there’s plenty of good moves to imitate by lead characters. Probably more opportunities to explore for such characters, though.

                                            1. 9


                                              • Learning Rust… because, shiny! [1]
                                              • Continue learning Elixir.
                                              • More exercise, spring is coming!


                                              • Project still circling the drain as corporate dithers, but…
                                              • My team (and I) hit the cover off the ball with annual reviews and feedback.

                                              [1] Actually, years ago I set myself an annual goal: learn one technology-related thing outside work and one personal thing (skill, habit, etc.). It’s a pretty low bar but makes me feel good about myself.

                                              1. 3

                                                years ago I set myself an annual goal

                                                I love this. Simple, but keeps you learning.