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    My vote goes to 1Password, for ease of use, built in security model (client side encryption), versatility in handling all kinds of data (notes, credit cards, etc) and reliability of the plugins to work with all websites and apps. Other password management apps that I’ve tried have frequently had problems with some websites. Sometimes 1Password still has edge cases where e.g. 2FA is not automatically filled in and you have to copy paste it manually. But I haven’t seen a better app yet.

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      Yeah, me too. I ended up at 1Password after trying a lot of both offline and online systems.

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        Have you had a chance to compare it with LastPass?

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          My work used LastPass and I couldn’t have created a worst UI if I’d tried. There was no easy way to generate a new password. It took three clicks in non-obvious places to get to it.

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            When I previously used LastPass, there were some weird differences between the browser version and the desktop version - there were some things that each of them couldn’t do.

            One oddity worth noting - I don’t use the desktop app with 1Password. I’ve found their browser extension, 1PasswordX, to be more stable (it also has the benefit of working on Linux).

            I believe with the addition of HaveIBeenPwned integration on the LastPass security dashboard, they’re pretty much similar feature wise (though maybe 1Password can store 2FA tokens). I’ve used 1Password because it felt way less clunky than LastPass and it doesn’t require me to install a random binary on my Linux machines in order to access my passwords.

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              I used LastPass for several years before switching to 1Password a year ago. Wish I had switched earlier. LastPass’s UI design needs a lot of work and over time actually got worse with various annoying small bugs.

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                Hard no to LastPass. I used it years ago, audited it one evening on a lark, found a few vulns, reported them, a couple got fixed, a couple got me told to fuck off.

                And also, LastPass: Security Issues

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                  I switched to 1Password from LastPass a couple years ago and haven’t looked back.

                  LastPass got unusably slow for me after I had more than a few hundred entries in it. I don’t know if they’ve fixed their performance problems by now, but I can’t think of anything I miss.

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                Long time 1Password user here. It’s by far the best tool I’ve ever used. And I believe it goes beyond the application itself, as the support team is also great. Given a matter as sensible as all my credentials to login into several different services, having good support is mandatory IMO.

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                  I just switched to 1Password after 5-10 years on Lastpass. There’s some quirks, it’s not perfect, I generally prefer it to Lastpass.

                  The only thing Lastpass truly does better is signup form detection. Specifically I like the model Lastpass uses of detecting the form submission, 1Password wants you to add the password prior to signing up, which gets messy if you fail signing up for some reason.

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                    1Password wants you to add the password prior to signing up, which gets messy if you fail signing up for some reason.

                    Oh yeah, this is a constant frustration of mine. ALso, whenever I opt to save thep assword, I seem to have a solid 4-5 seconds of waiting before I can do this. This seems to be 1Password X, FWIW. Back in the good old days of 1Password 6 or so when vaults were just local files, the 1P browser extension seemed to save forms after submission.

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                    1Password here too. Excuse the cliché, but it just works. The cost is minimal for me — $4/mo, I think.

                    I’ve been slowly moving some 2FA to it, but it seems dependent on 1Password itself detecting that the site supports it vs. something like Authy where I can add any website or app to it.

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                      I’ve been able to get my whole family onto a secure password manager by consolidating on 1Password. I don’t think I would have been successful with any of the other options I’ve found.